Assign exp input worked only once

I held the assign button and inserted a stereo cable. The assign menu popped up, and I chose something at random, I think it was Effect Master > Quantizer. Now when I repeat this process the assign menu does not show up anymore. Is this to be expected? Same behavior after I restart the Pyramid, or load a different project.

After reading more about this, it seems it’s supposed to not work at all and the exp pedal is not supposed to me mapped. I’m not sure what I did the first time, perhaps held another button accidently? Unless someone confirms that holding “assign” while inserting a 1/4 TRS into the exp input is supposed to invoke the assign screen.

Which input? - are you talking about the foot pedal - as that’s just a switch for controlling various transport controls

Yeah the foot pedal. I could swear the assign screen popped up at first, but now I think I’m mistaken.

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