Assign cc issues across tracks and channels

I have 2 midi fighter twisters (MFTs) and I’m trying to use them independently to control different tracks each of which is a unique channel. The reason being is that I want to record and save the automations and states of the knobs.

I’ve setup the MFTs with unique device IDs on unique channels.
When I assign a control on one MFT on one channel, it simultaneously “attaches” the encoder from the other MFT (set to a different channel).

What’s interesting is that before making the assignment, I can see the proper independent midi data in the “midi in” setting screen on the pyramid. After making an assignment on one encoder, both MFTs no longer show midi data on that screen when I turn them.

I would think I want these settings to make this work:

  • Omni-mode = multitrack off
  • Assign Type = per track
    …though I’ve tried all combos.

This is all connected over USB to a mac running MTP, where I have routings running from pyramid to each MFT, and from each MFT back to pyramid.


Also, why does it say in the manual:
“This way you can assign up to 120 external controls…”
wouldn’t it be at least 128?

hmm, usuallly if i want midi data (including CCs’) to go to different tracks depending upon midi channel, then you need to use omni=multibank-a

(an ‘obvious’ point, but for clarity - we are not able to assign channels to tracks , only this omni fixed multibank mode - the channel we select on a track is for output purposes)

edit: corrected … as id incorrectly thought assignment did not use midi channel!
(I mostly use multibank record … dont use assignment much)

k, so I see this in the manual:

which is odd, I didnt know about this relationship with output channel.
(learn something everyday :slight_smile: )

the tip also seems relevant , if you set global assign
(but not sure it helps you)

Im not sure either of these help in your case,
if so you are best to chat with squarp via the contact form, to see what they recommend, of if this would require a feature request.

no… the others all have ‘special uses’ in midi specfication
cc 0 is used for bank select
cc 120-127, are used for things like notes-off, sounds-off

so reasonable to not allow assignments for these cc.

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