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Hello to the community,
this is my first posting here and I signed up especially for the folllowing questions.
I am very interested in arpeggios, especially non-standard “pattern” arpeggios, in a meaning of what is possible on the Mininova. But of course with more steps to edit, since the Mininova has only 8 of them, and more than only one at a time.
Since I “mistakenly” drew myself (again after 30 years of absence and 15 years of DAW) into the world of dawless live-playing, I must say I am shocked how little love is spent from synth- and workstation creators (namely Yamaha) to arpeggiators. Besides the Mininova, only the Korg Krome Ex seems to have an editable Arp, and the Jupiter-X(m), not even the new Arturia KS pro. And the Novation SL MK3, which has indeed 16 steps, is a bit expensive for a single Arp generator. The Digitone, you wouldn’t believe it, can do exactly what I want but doesn’t send the arpeggio out to MIDI. Very frustratiing.
So I came after endless research to the Pyramid (or the Hapax, if it makes sense). Ofc, there is a little thingy called Arpie, also an editable single line arpeggiator.
But that aside, my question is, if Pyramid or Hapax allows in any way editing the arpeggio pattern, with which I mean the rhythm of the arpeggio (the naming is different through the net, mostly naming as “pattern” the modes an arp allows, like up,down…). I would think that there has to be a kind of gate sequence that triggers the arp FX, while I hold the chords on the input-Keyboard, or something like that ?
Note that I am so desperate to find a solution, I even considered buying the Mayer EMI MD900, an expensive synth, only for its arp capabilities. But then I could use one of my spare laptops as a host for Kirnu, Ctulhu, BlueArp etc.
My second question is, that in my understanding there are only 1/2/4/8 th etcetera note divisions and their triolic variants possible for step sequencing/arpeggiating/syncing, but not dotted, as it is often the case (f.i. on my Modx). I do not understand, why dotted divisions are so often omitted.
Thank you for your patience !

The new firmware which is not officially released yet has lots of new arp modes according to the release notes. Haven’t played with it yet and it seems the (beta) manual isn’t updated on the arpeggiator section, but you might want to check that out when it is

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What I am searching for is implemented, as far as I know, in the Korg M50 and the Radias. Also in the Micro-X, which I own, but it is complicated and counter-productive to work with it on that small, bloody red display, and without dedicated step buttons. The Krome-ex also has what I need, but I want to avoid another big keyboard (with a fancy lcd screen) if possible. From what I saw, the Cyclone tt-303 would be ideal for me if it had polyphonic possibilities, but it hasn’t, since it is inspired directly by the monophonic tb-303. Also, it is not clear if arpeggios can be triggered by external midi and sent via midi simultaneously.

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