Arpeggio question #2

Ok, another try. My first question about arpeggio was not very successful. I’ll try to be more practical:
I want to have one or more arpeggios active, parallel to my live playing, fed with chords from either the lower area of a midi kbd or another midi kbd on a different channel.
That would be possible with Pyramid, relatively easy, I think.
But I want to have these Arpeggios rhythmically interrupted, not on every step of, say, a 16th.
This would be similar to the euclid step mode, but this step mode is not for live action, as I understand it correctly ? - Once I have determined the chord or the note that Euclid is based on, it is set, isn’t it ?

I have seen that Hapax has Euclid as an Fx, which Pyramid hasn’t. There, I could imagine placing the Arp and the Euclid Fx, so that my needs are fit and I get a rhythmical Arpeggio. But Hapax is a total overkill for me. I do not really need those many buttons (since I am actually not searching for a sequencer). And additionally, I can’t get it from Thomann :frowning:

the note values for Euclidian patterns on Pyramid can be changed on the fly, even though it’s technically in Step Mode, the same way you are live playing the Arp FX chords on the keyboard. and I believe Euclidean patterns do chords in addition to single notes. play different notes on the keyboard while the pattern is running and it responds to the changes “live”

Thank you very much for that hint. That comes very close to what I want.
Now the next question would be, is that possible to be recorded, meaning that I have that configuration with euclidean step plus arp in one track, in another track a different but similiar setting, and in the the third track, say, just a midi melody to play (live), and i want now to record my performance of those three tracks (fed by one or two masterkeyboards) ?

I don’t think so (or at least I’ve never found a way). But since you said you were playing live . . .

Frankly it’s why I don’t use Euclidean more on Pyramid and look forward to it being an applicable FX on Hapax. In terms of writing a single Pattern to Euclidean Track on Pyramid, you’re kinda stuck with the original note/chord unless you want to “play” the Pattern live on the fly – though obviously with 32 Patterns per Track, there’s plenty of room for variations. Just means more changing of Patterns or chaining them in a single Sequence

okay, I thought so…Yes I like to play live, mostly improvising, I want to record what I play instantly as a kind of notebook…I have quite a bad memory I must say, and have at least forgotten 30 number one Hits I improvised, therefore I am not rich and famous :roll_eyes:
Midi live recording works well with my MODX, sadly its arpeggiatiors are pretty unusable in their form (10000 preset arps and no step-editor). I have a great love-hate (33-66) relationship with this miscarriage of a wannabe-synth-not-workstation product.
Anyway, I hoped I could use something like the Pyramid as a center of my workflow, routing midi from the MODX to it, arpeggiate it and send it back, while recording this (and what I play with the other hand on the MODX or the Hydrasynth) simultaneously on the pyramid.
Since the Blue Arp hardware Arp (which cannot record btw) is not available now (a russian product), I am searching for a good solution mainly for my arp problem.

We are able to add chance after the arp in the fx series. This will drop notes of the arpeggio at whatever probability you choose. There is an element of randomness here of course, but it can be a useful tool.


Yes, I saw that in the quite easily accessible documentation, but it is not what I want. Or, at least, chance should be something that could be added to every arpeggio event, with the option to skip or mute it.
But first, I want to have a tr808-like arpeggio pattern (on every track I like), controlled by the 16 pads for on/off, playable and recordable in real-time (i do not really need the arp notes recorded, just the chords I play and the pattern changes).
I always wonder why this hasn’t been implemented in more controllers or sequencers. They’re mostly always about fixed, pre-recorded sequences or random/algorithmic/generative stuff. Improvising (not knob fiddling) seems to be out of fashion today.
This is strange since I could get my wishes easily fulfilled with a DAW+Vst environment as the center of my setup. That is not what I want, but it seems that I cannot avoid it.

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