Arpeggiator hold?

If I program in some chords and then add an arpeggiator effect, is there a way to engage the Hold so the arp doesn’t stop in between chords? Seems like Hold is only available while recording

Make sure your chord note lengths are long enough to finish as the next one starts.

Plus you can use Hold by pressing record and play in live mode. Then play your chords it should hold the notes indefinitely. But cant be used with patterns…

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so it sounds like there’s no latch then? i didn’t think of it, but that would be useful instead of drawing the chords out to be a specific length.

Yeh it really doesn’t make sense. The Arp effect should have a latch option in the menu

Not the answer I was hoping for. Best type of latch is with the sustain pedal. I was hoping for a good Arp. Very disappointing.

yeah, I think it would be nice if all midi fx (where appropriate) respect sustain cc64. (and/or perhaps cc66?)
otherwise, you get the quirk, where holding notes is different to using a sustain pedal, making the sustain pedal pretty redundant when using midifx

however, in fairness, Midi FX in all daws I’ve tried they work exactly the same way :wink:

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