Arp FX note order problem from a newbie

I’ve just started playing around with my new Pyramid and seem to be having a problem with the arp fx. If I create a track with a 2 note chord where the notes are more than an octave apart, the arp fx doesn’t play the notes in the order I’m expecting when octave is set to anything other than “No”.

E.g. track has 2 notes, C4 and F#5 and arp fx is set to style: up, octave: +1 . I’m expecting it to generate C4 F#5 C5 F#6 as that’s what other arps seem to do (and the manual says it will “play the original pattern followed by the same pattern one octave higher”). Instead, it’s generating C4 C5 F#'5 F#6,

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I’ve only racked up a couple of hours with the Pyramid so I’m hoping it’s a newbie mistake.

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Thank you for checking this out. I will test it myself tonight but I think you’re right. The basic arp settings in the Pyramid have never sounded musical to me, I couldn’t put my finger on the reason for my impression but non-standard patterns might be why. I hope the new OS updates the arp fx.

There are a few strange, to me, unmusical choices made for the Pyramid like the arp and the chords and scales included. They’re sort of theoretically correct, I guess, but just not always compositionally relevant.

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@drGrov , my pyramid behaves exactly as you expected … C4, F#5 C5 F#6 , not as you described e.g c4, c5

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Thanks for checking @thetechnobear. I’ve re-run the test with my Pyramid and it’s still outputting the notes in the “wrong” order: I captured the output with MIDI-OX just to be sure:

0000CA26 25 -- 90 3C 64 1 C 4 Note On
0000CACD 25 -- 80 3C 64 1 C 4 Note Off
0000CACD 25 -- 90 48 64 1 C 5 Note On
0000CB73 25 -- 80 48 64 1 C 5 Note Off
0000CB73 25 -- 90 4E 64 1 F# 5 Note On
0000CC1A 25 -- 80 4E 64 1 F# 5 Note Off
0000CC1A 25 -- 90 5A 64 1 F# 6 Note On
0000CCC0 25 -- 80 5A 64 1 F# 6 Note Off

This is from a single track with a 2 note chord, (C4 and F#5), note width 8. It has an arp fx with octave set to +1, everything else default values.

I wonder what is causing the difference. You are running 2.3 I take it… :grinning:

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sorry, my mistake… I somehow entered the notes in incorrectly (didnt have them over an octave apart) … indeed if they are an over an octave apart, they are playing as you describe, they are creating an ascending order…

Heh - not to worry. I’m just glad it’s not a newbie error :grinning:.

I guess I should submit a bug report,

Edit: Squarp have replied. Apparently it’s a known bug and fixed in the next OS update. Roll on beta 3,.0…


drGrov that is wonderful news!