Apply random effect to individual note

Hi, is there any way to constrain the random effect to work on only one note of a drum sequence?

My use case is that I want to randomise the velocity of my hi hats but not the rest of my drum part.

Obviously any other way to achieve this would be good to know!


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you can always sequence them as a normal Step pattern and then apply the usual FX/math to an individudal drum sound based on its assigned note value

Hi, thanks for your response but I’m not sure I follow.

Say I’ve got a drum pattern with hi hats on every 16th note and I want to continually randomise the velocity of those hi hats as the pattern plays, how can I do that using math?

I can do it using a randomize effect but then the kick and snare would get their velocity randomised as well, which I don’t want.

Sorry if I’m missing something

Have you found an answer yet? I have this question too, although with a slightly different use case. I have a synth chord pattern running where I want to continuously randomise the velocity of one chord/step.

The hack I found is to move that step to a different track and apply randomise to it that way.

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Step Mode > program the drums as you’d like, then add an Algo, select Curves > wave type random (can pick high and low values on Amplitude) > Destination is VEL by default > on the right screen + encoder select the high hats…unfortunately this only applies randomization once. if you’ve got an otherwise static and/or repeating drum loop tho, you should consider just making the loop 64 bars or more and doing this…the hi hats will feel randomized. odd pattern lengths could help here too to offset the randomized hats feel to any listener (if that works with the drum loop otherwise)

i believe that’s close to what you’re wanting, but it won’t continually randomize. the only true continual randomization of the hihat velocities (that i can think of) would be to clear your patterns on the track entirely, and build the drum beat with Euclid instances…set up the hihat channel first with a randomizer after it, then as many instances of Euclid each building a different note of the drum beat (i hope the rest of the rhythm is relatively repetitive that it can be recreated with Euclid patterns, and only features 5 drum lanes :sweat_smile: so probably not :man_shrugging: )

i’m curious if someone else can think of a way to make this happen…i tried a few approaches and nothing quite worked. it was getting really complex, possible there’s something i was missing in the search.

Yes indeed! That works.

I really like the Stepic VST sequencer. Being able to randomise parameters on a step basis is a big feature and really works well.

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i’m a fan of some K-Devices products for Ableton, but the parameter lock thing per step has never been a big key for my music. i’m more into synthesis/modifying the sounds regularly and organically over time than lots of specific step changes. i do enjoy work from others that incorporates liberal use of techniques like that tho!

anyway back on topic, glad you found some use in my suggestions above :grin:

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I found a way to randomise velocity on individual steps.

  1. Add Randomise FX to track.
  2. Set the velocity range you want to randomise in.
  3. Create an Automation Destination to FX Randomise ON/OF
  4. Draw in automation, set ON to steps where you want velocity to be randomised.

But this will randomise all notes on that step, not just the hihats for example.

Correct. It solves this: