Anyone using CV/Gate outs with a Moog Minitaur?

Following up on another thread I posted, if anyone is very experienced with CV and with Moogs specifically, I’d really appreciate your help. I’m trying to control my Moog Minitaur using my CV from my Squarp Pyramid, but really struggling to get it to stay in tune. I’ve been using the Moog Editor to calibrate the CV, following these steps:

  1. Pressing C1 on the Squarp, then pressing “Pitch CV calibration +1V”
  2. Pressing C4 on the Squarp, then pressing “Pitch CV calibration +4V”
  3. Pressing “Note calibration start”

These are the settings on my Squarp CV output, which I believe are correct:

  • CV out 1V note: C1
  • CV Out type: Volt/Octave
  • CV Out Fine: +0V
  • Gate polarity: Active 5V

For some reason the pitch is drifting quite a lot (approximately one semitone drift, very slowly) and the notes don’t appear to have ‘mapped’ correctly across the various octaves, seeming to be much too high and not quite being tuned correctly. Any help would be hugely appreciated!