Anyone successfully importing midi from logic? or any daw, I guess

Hi everybody. The new forum is smooth! I like it.

Anyone successfully importing midi files created in Logic Pro?
I’ve followed the instructions at the Apple site for exporting midi file type 0, copied the midi to the project folder and loaded the project in the Pyramid. The Pyramid recognizes there is data on the track (the pad is lit) but there are no notes, no sound.

I’ve gotten help at the old forum, but I’m still struggling so I’m reposting. Thanks for any insights.

Hi! I had the same problem, so i tried to import the exported midi clips from Logic Pro to another sequencer. I saw in Ableton Live that the exported midi clip was including a lot of silent time before the actual notes appeared!

I don’t have any clue about this, and the only workaround i found is to remove the silent part within Albeton and export the clip again. It makes the process longer but it’s working.

And it seems the problem is on the export feature of Logic Pro side, so Squarp team can’t do anything about it.

(i realise i maybe said the same thing on the previous board… but i didn’t found any new solution since!).

Thank you for the reply. That makes sense! I had Ableton Live Lite on this computer but uninstalled it since I didn’t enjoy the work flow. I wonder which other sequencers I could use for this purpose? Maybe Reaper, I guess I will try that.

Anyway, you saved me hours of trouble so I appreciate your response very much!

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I played a liveset basedon files from logic
Just followed

Thanks for that. That’s the page of instructions I’ve been following, but with no luck! I wonder what is the source of the differences between your experience and mine?

I downloaded Reaper and was able to export corrected MIDI files and import them into the Pyramid without issue, so I went ahead and bought a license. I really like the workflow in the Reaper MIDI editor. I used it as my main DAW years ago but got tired of customizing everything. It’s changed a lot over the years, it’s a very smooth experience and a nice set of tools.

I’ve been frustrated over my Logic MIDI export/Pyramid import problem for many weeks. I’m so happy to have a good solution today.

It’s been sometime since I’ve done this, but when I needed to do it I didn’t worry about the whole file in Logic, rather

On the Pyramid:
I created a new project, and saved it with my main settings

In Logic:
I selected the midi regions I needed and exported them as midi files to the desktop.

On the SD Card:
I went into the SD Card and first inspected how the other projects were packed up.
It looked to me like there was a project folder with a lot of files inside


The tracks are numbered based on the pads they will arrive at on the pyramid
for example track06.mid will become pad 6 on the sequencer.

so I re named the midi files to reflect where I wanted them on the Pyramid.

On the Pyramid:
Now I loaded up my project on the pyramid and there they all were.

I remember there being something about midi file type. I think it only worked when I used the basic midi file type (which was not the default type in Logic.)

That worked for me. I hope it works for you too.


Thanks so much for taking the time to help. I have followed your instructions exactly and am still not getting usable MIDI files from Logic.

So now I am aware of two users who can load Logic MIDI files and two who cannot. I don’t know what differentiates them. I have a new Macbook Air, a fresh install of Logic, but no luck. I’ve found a work-around for now, I will keep investigating to see if I come up with a permanent solution.

Once again, I really appreciate the assistance.

Super weird. Granted it’s been quite a while since I did this (first week I had the pyramid, so years) But I believe it should work.
I’m just stubborn enough to try this again today and post my results.

For clarity:
I use Logic Pro 9, mac os x 10.10
And Pyramid Mk 1 with the latest software.

I’ll be back shortly with the outcome.

It’s working here. I am not sure how this new board scheme works, so I don’t know if I can post a video or not, but I made one for you.

Here are the steps I took to accomplish an export of tracks as midi files, and import them into Pyramid:

  1. On the Mac
    A. Wrote a simple thing with 2 midi tracks and a kick drum in Logic Pro 9
    B. Set up Logic to export MIDI File Type 0

Preferences/General/Project Handling
Second tick box is instruction to export single midi file regions as file type 0

C. Selected Track 1
File/Export/Export Selection As MIDI File
Saved .mid file to the desktop

D. Select Track 2
File/Export/Export Selection As MIDI File
Saved .mid file to the desktop

E. Renamed Midi files track01.mid and track02.mid (respectively.)

  1. On the Pyramid
    A. Create a new project (or just turn on the Pyramid and start with the empty default state)
    B. Save This empty project and name it MIDI File Test
    C. Insert the SD Card into your Mac or Card Reader and mount it to the desktop
    D. Locate the folder named “PYRA_midi file test” and open it.

The only thing you’ll see in there is the basic core.pyr file.

E. Drag track01.mid and track02.mid into this folder
F. Eject the SD Card

  1. On the Pyramid
    A. Insert the SD card and power up
    B. 2nd - Load and locate and load MIDI FILE TEST
    C. Check track mode first and notice that you now have something happening on track 1 and 2.
    D. Depending on what you programmed this may need to be edited in order to play back with your hardware.
    Typically when I’m programming bass, I work in low octaves, and then in the Eurorack that all needs to be moved up a couple octaves to sound correct. Etc.
    E. Don’t forget to save the file when you’re done!

I’m guessing that it’s the file type 0 issue, because this isn’t a challenging thing to do. I’m sure you know what you’re doing, but who knew about different midi file types, right?
I didn’t.

If I can figure out how to upload a video I will do that for you. And if this doesn’t work, following these steps exactly, then it’s possible something is wrong somewhere, either with the card, the firmware, or perhaps the pyramid. I hate that idea, so give this a go and let me know if it works for you.

  • toes crossed *

I can’t believe you’re doing all of this to help! So I am sad to say I followed the directions exactly, tried a different sd card, tried an older computer with an older version of Logic, but no luck. My Pyramid is up-to-date.

What is different here is which version of Logic we’re using. I am using Logic Pro X on the old Macbook running Mountain Lion and on a new Macbook running Sierra.

Reaper MIDI files work in the Pyramid, as did a few files I downloaded from the internet to test with. So I know I am following all procedures correctly. Something is up with Logic Pro X. I don’t look forward to re-saving all of my many grooves and performances as new MIDI files, it will be time consuming, but I think at this point that is my simplest solution.

This is a good thread to have here. Others may find the solution will work for them. I am thankful for the help, I’ve been confused for many weeks!

Which version of Logic are you using? Which OS?
Maybe we can pin this problem down.

And you’re sure you’ve told Logic Pro X to export midi file type 0?
It’s in a weird place… not at all where one would expect it.

Yeah, I followed the directions on this Apple help page:

Is this the weird place you mean?
“Choose Logic Pro > Preferences > General, click Project Handling, then select the “‘Export MIDI File…’ saves single MIDI Regions as Format 0” checkbox.”

Poster Yan_Hart-Lemonnier noticed files he exported from Logic Pro had blank space at the beginning that he trimmed in Ableton. I don’t know which version of Logic Pro he uses, though. Maybe he’ll re-post in this thread.

I’ve tried a dozen different settings combinations. I think it must be the blank space issue. Pyramid lights up the pads as though there will be notes, but there aren’t any.

I was disappointed until this thread, but now I think it is most likely a Logic Pro X issue.

Using latest of everything.

I lack time time for trying to follow Sunshine instruction right, but i can say that i’m also running Logic Pro X (on an old Mac Pro 3,1 + El Capitan).

So it’s becoming clear that the trouble might come from Logic Pro X export feature.
I will try later too to find more tweaks about midi exporting on this version of Logic!


rv0 is using the newest versions of Logic Pro X and Sierra but having no issues. I am also using the newest versions of Logic and Sierra but having issues.
I have the same problems running an old version of Logic Pro X on Mountain Lion, Yan_Hart-Lemonnier has the same issues on El Capitan. And we know the files Yan_Hart-Lemonnier exported have extra space at the beginning.
Sunshine has Logic Pro 9 and Yosemite and is ok.

Bah! I am no good at trouble-shooting. I have no idea what’s going on! At this point I wish a Pyramid developer would offer some insight. Maybe there is another setting in Logic that affects the MIDI exports?

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Hey i don’t know if this will help but i just realised something (that i should have seen directly in the first place…), and maybe it will help : it’s really simple and stupid, but when i export a midi region in Logic Pro that is not placed at the very begining of its track, Logic adds the empty space i mentioned before.

This happen even if i perfectly select only the region clip i want exported : if it begins at measure 37, i have 37 blank mesures in my exported clip.

I just tried with the export Midi 0 format setting, and it’s working just fine with Logic Pro X for me now!


Hey! Great news. Maybe this will fix it for me, too. I’m going to test it now. Fingers crossed.

Edit: First quick test… success!
I exported two files from Logic, they both loaded fine in the Pyramid.
I can’t believe the answer is so simple. I’ve been cursing a lot about this. I feel relieved and grateful for the help here.

Thank you!!!


Thank you for these amazing instructions! It seems the key is to create the session on the Pyramid first so the session file contains ‘core pyra’ file.

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Hi , any chance to play back midi notes from logic and record them directly and live into Pyramid ?