Anyone ordered directly from Squarp Instruments?

What’s your experience in terms of order processing and delivery speed?

I ordered a Pyramid early Friday morning with express shipping, but I have yet to even have them respond to my order placement?

I usually buy everything from Thomann as they been very fast and reliable over the years, but for some reason, Thomann does not sell Squarp Instruments.

I contacted them again through my account in the webshop and hopefully, I will get a reply at least. :grinning:

I have, with no issues.

I’d expect everything to be a little slower due to obvious reasons at the moment…

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Yes i know DHL have had some issues, then again they always have Corona or not. Squarp however says on their first page that their operation is runnings as normal.

Well hopefully i get a response at least, something that really irks me are when people don’t bother to reply, especially when you paid them for an order. That response should be within a workday at least.

I ordered mine directly and had no issues; also very helpful oj the phone getting me sorted out when I first started

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Good to hear Antony! Thank you!

you are welcome, the current situation may be responsible for some delays

Hi @Fotopaul,

Your order is still in preparation, it should be shipped by tomorrow.

Obviously, in these times, we’re a bit more short staffed than usual in the warehouse, as most of us are telecommuting, and we’ve had a lot of orders in the past days, which explains the delay.

Fingers crossed, you’ll get it in time for Thursday :wink:



Hi Thibault!

Thank you getting back to me via Email and on here, appreciate it!

Sounds good, yes i really hope DHL can deliver… would love to have it over the extended weekend!

Thanx again!

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Like in the email :slight_smile:
allow from 1 to 4 days before 0.

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