Anyone else try using Hapax w/ Pulsar-23?

Pulsar-23 has eight (8) 3.5mm inputs. I think it’s designed to take 0V to 10V, though. As a result, the triggers and CV Hapax sends are not always registered (I assume because Hapax works on either -5 to +5V or 0V to +5V).

Has anyone else had luck combining these two devices?

I think @roncavagnaro does, you should ask him.

OK, I figured out what my problem was; I had the Hapax channel set for CV output instead of GATE.

For anyone finding this in the future:

  • Hold down the Hapax Channel button
  • Change the output type to “GATE” and set the output channel number appropriately.
  • For actual CV, go to the AUTOM page for the channel
  • Add a new automation lane for CV X (where X is the output channel number).

Hapax has 8 Gate/CV outs, and Pulsar-23 has 8 CV ins. Killer combo!

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