Any way to set default values to the assigned knobs?

I know you can set a “default” in the automation lanes for the CCs/CVs, but that’s only for sequenced patterns. I’m talking about the Assign screen specifically. If I’m playing live it’d be nice to reset an important CC/CV to a “neutral” value or a value I like instead of it going to 0 when I press Stop twice or click the encoder. Can’t find any way to make it go to anything other than 0.

No, sounds like that a feature request :slight_smile:

Perhaps this could be integrated with instruments definitions ?
( so we don’t need a clumsy uk on the hapx to set default)

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Alright, I sent in a feature request!

I don’t think the UX would be clunky, probably similar to the effects UX. It could show the list when you click on an empty encoder, but show you a different menu with “Set Default Value”, “Set Range”, “Delete”, “Replace” and “<” when you click on an encoder that’s already assigned. Very similar to how effects work.

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