Any way to attenuvert/offset CV input before converting to CC?

I see there’s a way to internally attenuvert/offset CV input via the Mod Matrix when controlling Effect parameters. But what if I just want MIDI CC as the output?

For example, say I send in CV LFO that ranges from -5 to 5V. But I want the resulting CC to range from 100-127. Is there a way to map those ranges internally?

For what i understand the only way to convert cv to cc is, assuming you are using input A, setting the given track to “mod A” in cv/gate settings, then put a midi out fx with “dest mod” set to your cc. there doesn’t seem to be a way to attenuate the incoming cv without the mod matrix, and you can’t target cc in the mod matrix, you can only use them as source. So it doesn’t seem possible if i understand correctly.

one workaround could be set the given input in the mod matrix to control the root note, then in the midi out fx set the pitch destination to your target cc, then attenuvert the incoming cv in the mod matrix. it wouldn’t be ideal, as you loose pitch on the midi out.

a workaround for loosing the pitch could be using the aftertouch in the midi out fx, and then setting aftertouch>velocity in the midi fx, but there currently isn’t a way to control velocity with cv.

If the above suggestion with pitch works, you could send a feature request to have a velocity parameter in the midi fx, so that it could be usable in the mod matrix

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