Any way of emulating Maschine's newish Snapshot/Lock feature?

I have been really smitten with an idea that was first put out with Maschine Jam, and that is the concept of Locks and Snapshots, which seems to be the single greatest idea for “live” electronic music that has yet come out, despite it being a really quite simple idea.

What it does is allow you to press a button to take a snapshot of your entire project, (parameters, notes, everything), which then allows you to make some wild changes (Reverb swells, effects sends, filter sweeps, note repeats, Envelope Adjustments, etc) and then once you press a button, the entire project will snap back to the way it was when you created the snapshot. This is fantastic for Buildups, Breakdowns, or just adding cool little filler pieces into music.

I am wondering if there was a way of emulating this with the Pyramid? I’m not sure how the Pattern/Track/Sequence hierarchy works but my thoughts were there would likely be a way if instead of taking a snapshot you duplicated a pattern/track, switch to the duplicate, adjust all your parameters through the duplicate, then switch back to the original. Is such a thing possible? Is there a cleaner/more performable way?




that’s a very cool idea… especially if you could store more than one snapshot (although I’d happily settle for just one as a compromise :wink:

Yes, on the Maschine you can store 64 and additionally there is a feature that let’s you “morph” between two with just a button press.

Personally I think that Morph isn’t really all that useful but it would be interesting. I can’t imagine the snapshot feature would be difficult to program into the device.

That’s what pyramid sequences are for. Save-states of track/patterns. If you record CCs for FX on the patterns/tracks, you have that functionality. You can switch between those states in SEQ mode.


I agree - think the morphing would be the complicated part.