An awesome (imho) fx idea: routing

preamble: i don’t own hapax yet, but i will and i watched every vid on it i suppose (((;

i’ve got some suggestions for midi fx

The main idea is to make special fx which routes notes info to another track (either by replacing or by adding notes in destination track).

Second, basic operations like transpose, delay, extract highest/lowest note playing

this together would open a whole world of new possibilities.

imagine, we have chords on track 1

we route it to another track (bass), where we transpose it lower an octave and arpeggiate (in its own fx section)

we also route it to another track (lead) and arpegiate it with arp type 1 no repeats

we also route it to another track (lead2), delay 1 bar (length of arp cycle on 1st lead track) and arpeggiate it with arp type 2, thus creating complex lead line

so we have bass line and lead line based only on our chords.

i hope i’m clear enough.

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Im pretty sure we have had the suggested before… but always worth sending ideas to Squarp.

currently, some of this can be done with the existing transpose track.

the rest can be done, by using a ‘midi feedback loop’, basically send on of the Hapax 4 midi outputs back into Hapax’s midi input. (the midi trs in/out of Hapax, makes the simple, one small cable:) )
(you may want a midi merge box… or something like the Blokas MidiHub is kind of handy in this area, as it can also do midi processing , so many of the features you mention)

yes, it might have a very small timing delay…
but it should be noticed, if you do did your suggested ‘virtual midi bus’ , timing would also have to be carefully implemented… since source track would have to be fully processed before its target…
(there is currently no concept of this. i.e. all tracks are conceptually processed in parallel)

anyway, send it to Squarp, perhaps if there are others asking for similar features, and its technically possible, they may act on it.

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