Alphabetize the file list

Hey! Is there any way to “sort” the files so that they are alphabetized? I can’t seem to find any rhyme or reason to the order that they menu displays the files as.


You don’t mention which device, however if: Pyramid and if: Mac, then

Posted without testing since I don’t Mac.

Thanks for that! Looks like a proper work-around, but strange that I’d have to dig into my Terminal in a device this modern. :confused:

Ok, so… I posted a thing before I read the forum post above and now I’m completely rewriting my post because it should make a lot more sense…

So the reason what they are doing works is because they are using the terminal and a program to change how mac sorts FAT formatted files by default internally to what either a terminal or a finder window would show. Since Macos’s native plugin for understanding the FAT format should work decently enough to begin with it should be possible to just resort them however you want them provided you do it by renaming the files in the order you want them with prepending a number on to the file name ala 0_ Either the date modified will update or it will decide to do what people usually have computers do in these cases which is sort numerically… Anyway… I would try it if I wanted to sort my files in any particular way on the pyramid… Luckily I don’t care to… Let me know if it works out either way… I like to keep my diagnostic chops up.

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the pyramid could sort the FAT ‘on the fly’ (as is the norm) , though it would likely require more memory - which is possibly why Squarp have not done this.

It’s certainly worth sending over a feature request to them, so see if its possible and get their opinion.

I’ll admit, I don’t keep many projects on my Pyramid, so its never really bothered me - but I can see why for others it might be a bit of a pain.

Yea - i mean sorting a list of files ‘should’ be the simplest thing ever, but we know that there are some optimizations around how the card is accessed in order to preserve various realtime functions.

Ah well, maybe in the future. I have to say if they ever do a hardware upgrade with some more horse power so we can have ‘the little things’, i’d totally buy it.

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