Algo Curves possible bug?

I’m wondering if this is a bug or not - I can’t imagine it’s intentional, I’ll try to keep the setup simple.

In Step mode, place a row of notes on any row from pad 3 to pad 14. Select these notes by holding the first and last note (also happens if notes are specifically selected with a press of 2nd). Apply a Curves Algo set to Wave: Ramp, Amp: 100%/0%, Rate: x1, Dest: Velocity.

I get velocity applied to the notes but offset - the last two notes have the velocity that the first two should have. Like the ramp starts at ~20% and wraps around like an LFO at the end.

I’d assume that the start/end points of the ramp should correspond with the beginning and end of the selection, if working correctly?

Can anyone confirm that I’m not going mad?

Then I’ll go raise a bug report.

e: here’s a photo of what I’m seeing, annotated with the offset, using a square wave for visibility.

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