Aftertouch (Pressure?)

Hello guys, I have aftertouch being sent from my ROLI device, but it is not output through MIDI OUT on the traditional aftertouch channels? I don’t understand exactly what is going on. How do I get it to route correctly into my Expert Sleepers FH-2?

bumping as I assume this thread is invisible by now, I can’t seem to find a solution :frowning:

I don’t have any issue with my Roland or Yamaha device

have you enabled it on MIDI IN? its off by default (so filtered out)

note: I assume we are talking channel aftertouch (as used by MPE) , poly AT is not supported by pyramid.

Pressure is enabled in Pyramid, my converter is sending Channel Pressure to Pyramid.

Odd works fine here…
( latest firmware , but never had an issue of older fw either)

Are you seeing channel pressure messages appearing on the midi out display?
( settings-> info -> midi out a/b/usb)

Does it work it you sequence channel pressure?

If you are seeing cv pressure in display , can you plug pyramid into a computer and use a midi monitor to see if the ch pressure messages appear there.

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Thanks for the replies, I found out the issue, it was in my converter rather than pyramid (FH-2 was sending on wrong channel). My only gripe with this is that Pyramid’s pressure is 7-bit so unless I use FH-2 to smooth it, there is zipper noise.

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Channel pressure is 7 bit , there is no ‘standard’ for 14 bit Channel pressure in midi 1.0. Even mpe still had 7 bit pressure.

It’s been normal practice for synths to smooth cc and pressure due to low res midi.

Note: a few expressive controllers have used CCs to extend to 14 bit ( for years! ) and later this includes mpe+ - but these are not ratified standards, and are not widely supported!

Roll on midi 2.0 :slight_smile:

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