Aftertouch doesn't seem to be recording

didn’t see it in the manual (might have missed) and hoping that maybe someone will answer this by the time i wake up tomorrow.
Aftertouch doesn’t appear to be filtered out in the settings, but it isn’t recording. looking at my midi monitor and aftertouch is definitely being sent to the hapax, but it is not there upon playback. i’m definitely new to the hapax, but i’m a bit puzzled. other controller events are being recorded, and obviously notes are being recorded. thanks.

this should be the latest firmware - it just arrived from Squarp today.

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There is a bug recording PolyAT (which Squarp are aware of and fixing) but Channel Aftertouch works fine (at least on mine)

Check you are on the latest firmware, because that was a bug around 1.04 I think. Latest is 1.11.

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well, it just arrived new today…let me see if i can figure out how to tell what firmware it is. yeah, it’s 1.11. must be user error, but not sure what it could be.

If you record some aftertouch (or at least play it in when it’s recording) then go to the Automation screen for that track, is there an automation lane for Aftertouch?

i’ll have to look - haven’t even gotten to automation lanes yet…and there is one other possibility that i’ll have to check. the generator of the aftertouch has been the linnstrument (which is new also, so i’m not totally conversant with it), but i’ve been using it in monochannel mode (not mpe). it appears to just be sending out regular aftertouch (verified by my midi monitor) - but maybe that’s how poly at looks on the midi monitor. will have to test with another source today. thanks for the automation lane tip though - i’m not familiar enough with the features of the hapax to be good at troubleshooting it.

thanks for the info that there is apparently a known issue with poly aftertouch. this morning i tried sending aftertouch via synth keyboard, and it shows up differently in the midi monitor. ‘real’ aftertouch shows up as ‘channel pressure’, whereas what i thought was aftertouch last night was showing as ‘aftertouch’, so i will assume that this conforms to the known issue - apparently the linnstrument is sending poly aftertouch.

I got polyAT transmitted from a polyAT capable controller to hapax and from hapax to a synth, but only seems to work when using channel 1 in output A, see here: Polyphonic aftertouch supported? - #23 by frederic.font

ah. interesting. i have the hapax hooked up via usb midi.

for midi input I’m receiving polyAT via usb as well

hmmmm - wonder went wrong for me, then. i switched the linnstrument so that it sent ‘channel pressure’ instead, and it immediately recorded and i’ve had no issue. (thought - is it possible that mpe vs non-mpe mode makes a difference here?)

Synths, controllers and sequencers that are in MPE mode will typically be expecting channel aftertouch, because channel aftertouch is part of the MPE spec and effectively allows for per-note aftertouch without having to use poly aftertouch midi messages. Poly aftertouch midi messages are not part of the MPE spec and although various combinations of MPE equipment may still allow for and work with them, its non-standard and is asking for trouble, only use that if it proves necessary to use such a workaround due to bugs in some piece of equipments MPE spec. And only if all parts of the chain are proven to support this non-standard. Assuming Hapax sticks to the MPE spec, in MPE track mode it will ignore poly aftertouch messages that are on the MPE voice midi channels.

A main reason MPE controllers often allow pressure to be transmitted as poly aftertouch midi messages is so that the MPE controller can still be used somewhat expressively with synths that dont actually support MPE. But in those circumstances you would normally disable MPE/voice per midi channel settings on the MPE controller too.

As already mentioned, Hapax does have some issues with poly aftertouch midi at the moment. If your controller and synth support MPE then using everything in MPE mode, including MPE track type selected in Hapax, will avoid those issues.

Linnstrument is very flexible and originated from before the time when there was an official MPE spec. So it does allow you to use it as a non-MPE controller with polyphonic aftertouch using poly aftertouch midi settings. Or as a non-MPE controller with simple channel aftertouch which affects all synth voices. Or as a MPE controller, in which case you should also normally set it to send channel aftertouch not poly aftertouch.


MPE is based around channel pressure. MPE not use poly pressure.

(this is because MPE is a channelised protocol… its not really note based, like note-expression on vst3)