Adding FX and CC to a (short) track with another (long) track?

Dear all,

I finally got hands on a Pyramid MK II 10 days ago - it’s an impressive machine - wow!

I have created a short 2 bar keyboard loop.

Is there a way that I can create another long track - e.g. 32 bars and fill it with various automated midi effects and automated CC control data - and control the track with the short loop with the long track?

Or could someone perhaps suggest a workaround (other than copying and pasting the loop 16 times)?

If it’s not possible I’ll try to be creative in another way :slight_smile:

When you ready with the 8 bars, hold track + length and press right arrow twice it’ll create 32 bars duplicated. That’ll copy all you need. Then copy all and go to your other track to paste it (same number of bars, same zoom level or in live mode)


You could also have separate tracks that were routed to the same midi channel. In the FX section there is a very capable LFO as well as a CC effect. In step modes there is also a CC lane for automation. So it’s definitely possible to have Pyramid using a 2 bar pattern for notes and an entirely separate track which is longer that has multiple CC automations. It’s very easy to forget that the Pyramid has banks so you could even have a different bank for automation stuff and use mute states to turn on and off different lfos or automations.


@OxOnFord and @Ezmyrelda have excellent suggestions - the first being quick, easy, and very little side tripping on your workflow, while the second allows for your modulations to be in a different repetition (2 bars for the Note loop and perhaps 5 bars for filter shifts, etc).

A third option I’d suggest would be specifically if you wanted to modulate the MIDI Fx. Since the only (I think) MIDI Fx that works on a separate channel is the MIDI LFO (other MIDI Fx must be on the Track your Note data is on), you can always set up a Track to send out to a MIDI Loopback to control the MIDI Fx on your original Track.

For example, you have a MIDI Delay set on your 8 bar Track but want the Delay to modulate over 5 bars. You can set up a second Track of 5 bars, send a MIDI CC, have the MIDI Delay on the original Track modulated by the CC data on the second Track.

I’d say that’s a more advanced approach, but I use Loopbacks regularly just because it’s easier for me to think in separation of Notes and Modulations sometimes. I can type a clearer step-by-step setup for it if you’d like, but I assume like most this technique is probably ‘too much hassle’. :slight_smile:


@CreepyPants >> how do you loop it back please? I can’t see it.


Several methods:

  • Use the USB connected to a hub with your routing control of choice to route it back in (USB is In and Out). This is the method I use.

  • If you have an extra Port (say, you are not using Port B) on the Pyramid and not using the DIN In, then just use a cable from Port B to DIN In. If you already have something connected to the DIN In, then you can use a MIDI Merger to merge your current control input to the Port B data.

  • Use an Event Processor like a BomeBox or perhaps a MIDIHub (not sure if it does that), or even if you use something like a Mio MIDI Interface that has routing and filtering.

There’s probably other ways to do it, these are the ones I’ve used or currently use. I’d say this is probably Intermediate level MIDI manipulation/wizardy.

I’d suggest definitely being able to filter or use a specific Port for loopbacks so you keep the data coming in to precisely what you want to use to control the MIDI Fx and/or the Pyramid. I’m probably missing some reasons why in my head, but just go with that perhaps.

Well, thanks, very inspirational. I run in tandem Hermod <> Pyramid. Struggling how to optimize CC control over eurorack and it seems a perfect idea too to circle-loop them a bit. Let’s have some fun …

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Okay, that sounds downright exciting!

oooh to be a fly on the wall for that one

Dear OxOnFord, Ezmyrelda and CreepyPants

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!

Right now I’m in a place with a very limited setup so I have gone for OxOnFords suggestion - nice with the arrow shortcut :slight_smile:

But I will definitely try out CreepyPants’ suggestion once I have all my stuff in front of me again!

I have also tried Ezmyreldas suggestion, but haven’t really fallen in love with the midi LFO yet, which is the only midi FX available to control another track like you and CreepyPants mention. But for CC automation Ezmyreldas suggestion is really nice.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

that speeds things up nicely cheers

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