"Active Steps" function from SQUID Sequencer

it would be incredible useful to have the active step function like on the SQUID by this it would be so easy to just have 15 steps in one bar, 11 in the other etc

are you talking pyramid or hermod? I’ll assume pyramid.

I don’t know the squid, but you can have already have different step lengths on different tracks on the pyramid.

anyway, if you have ideas for features, this should be posted to the contact form - this will allow the developers to consider them.

i also filed it via contact form. Just to make it more clear:
on the SQUID I can de/activate any step. This does not just mean, I can very fast set the number of steps per bar/pattern but also, that I can instantly skip step 2, 5 and 8 for example. This would not just give me a pattern with 13 steps but also the pattern itself would change instantly. Very cool feature. The more, because I can do this for each of the 4 bars/patterns, so I could chain 11steps-15steps-3steps-9steps for example and just by deactivating or activating change the number of steps again.

Could be done maybe on the pyramid by holding STEP for a second and then deactivate steps

you see it here in this short video: TORAIZ “SQUID” Multitrack Sequencer Tutorials: Active Step - YouTube

Oh , I’ve got something similar to that on my USTA … it’s quite interesting.

But , different sequencers have different feature sets. Makes them unique :slight_smile:

we’ll have to wait to see if it’s something Squarp devs want to include and if it’s feasible ( with the current code base they have)

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