Ableton, Pyramid, USAMO - Delayed Start

I have gotten my Ableton 10 / Pyramid / USAMO setup running 99% perfect except for one thing I can’t figure out.

In some sessions, when I send the clock from Ableton to the Pyramid, it waits exactly 1 measure before the Pyramid begins playing. When starting from a new session with USAMO as the first track, it doesn’t need to wait a measure, it plays flawlessly from the jump.

What gives? Has anyone else experienced this? I have compared USAMO settings from a saved set with a new set and confirmed they’re exactly the same. Any insight would be great, thanks!

I had a delayed start issue w/ ableton a while back that kept coming up and I couldn’t figure out what was happening. Finally I realized that my playhead wasn’t on the ‘1’ in ableton and this caused a discontinuity between it and my other gear. IDK if that is what is happening for you, but I thought I would share my experience. Clicking deliberately on the ‘1’ now solves it every time… FWIW I do not have the same setup you describe.

Doh. Your comment prompted me to take another look, and I found that the “offset” parameter on the USAMO was set to 5 ms, which seems to have been causing it to wait a measure before starting. I’ve adjusted that back to 0 and it’s starting from the jump now.


Glad I could help, albeit indirectly. :slight_smile:

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