Ableton MIDI clips 2 octaves out?


I export any midi clip in Ableton and change nothing saving to my SD card.

I import the clip from SD card on hapax and all goes well except it’s 2 octaves out. What is C1 on Ableton is C3 on hapax.

1- what am I doing wrong?
2 - can I transpose a single hapax patten only?

I know I can re do everything manual. But that renders the whole idea of midi file import useless, so would rather just get this working.

There are no midi FX in Ableton being used.

Many thanks :+1:t2:

i don’t use ableton but my experience sequencing other external gear, e.g., MPC, there just appears to be a two-octave difference between what Hapax deems C3 and what other gear deems C3.

Hi Chris.

So it’s not just me then? Anyone else and I’ll report it as a bug.

Bloody annoying

Also can I transpose my way out of it? How?

Hi Kola,
This is due to a lack of a standard numbering system.