Ableton-like scenes workflow in Pyramid

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Pyramid for a while and I find it great. Previously I used Ableton Live as main sequencer. There’s however something in the Ableton Live workflow which I used and liked a lot and I’d like to see what would be the best way (if any) to do something similar in Pyramid.

Here’s what I used to do in Live:

  • Prepare N tracks, each sending MIDI to a HW synth.
  • While playing live, keep on selecting tracks and recording live MIDI notes for them.
  • At some point I used the “duplicate the scene” function so all my recorded clips would be copied to a new scene. Then I continue modifying my clips in that new scene.
  • I keep on creating new scenes like described before, and at any time I can move among the scenes by triggering them

I think this is classic Live workflow, so nothing special really.

What I did so far to somehow emulate this in Pyramid is to assign my tracks in groups of 8 to the different hardware devices. Eg. track 1 goes to synth 1, track 2 goes to synth 2,…track 8 goes to synth 8; THEN track 9 goes to synth 1, track 10 goes to synth 2… track 16 goes to synth 8; track 17 goes to synth 1… In this way, each row of tracks is like a scene in Ableton live. Now what I do with it:

  • I can trigger scenes using an external controller with a custom software that can control Pyramid tracks (so I can, for example, trigger tracks 9-16 for scene 2 and mute the rest when I click a button in the controller)

  • I can duplicate scenes by manually copying all the tracks in one row to the row below. I have to do this one by one (which is not nice). unfortunately afaik I can’t copy/paste tracks with remote control.

So as you see, it kind of works but it requires an external controller with custom software and also the “duplicate” function is not very handy.

This makes me think that maybe there’s another way to do something similar in Pyramid which I’m missing. Maybe using patterns would be the way to go? Please share your thoughts :slight_smile:


The pyramid was not really designed around ‘clips’ or an Ableton design… so you’re only going to get some vague appoximation.

my feeling is that the pyramid (in this performance mode) was more designed to be like a looper pedal, at least thats a workflow thats seems to work well for me on the pyramid.

as you say, the closest approximation to a clip on the pyramid is either patterns or tracks.
patterns are pretty limited to just cut n’ paste.
tracks allow things like doubling, which I find useful.

as noted in this topic pyramidi is pretty limited in what it can control.
again, more like what you might see on a looper pedal. its just augmenting the pyramids ui, not trying to replace it.

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thanks for the answer. then I think my approximation is probably the closest I can get. If I could copy/paste tracks using pyramidi that would definitely improve it all, but otherwise manual copying is not too bad :slight_smile:

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