Ableton Arrangement View & Transport while set to EXT, starting in arbitary location

Here’s my issue, I’ve dug all around on this. I have Ableton set as SLAVE to the Pyramid. EXT is selected in the top menu in Ableton, and Pyramid is set to SYNC in the midi preferences.

The transport starts and stops ABleton in the arranger BUT IT STARTS IN A TOTALLY ARBITRARY LOCATION. Sometimes the beginning of the arrangement. If I set up a loop with my punch in and punch out points, it will still start outside the loop area, or in a place not at the beginning of the loop I designate. It’s very frustrating, all I want to do is use Ableton’s arranger as a punch in / out multitrack recorder for my jams. Everything is going through a Lynx Aurora into tracks 1-16 in Ableton.

Can someone recording into arrangement with the pyramid controlling transport offer me some advice? I’m stuck and can’t record anything.

Please help kind Pyramidians.

Unless your workflow needs Pyramid to be the tempo conductor specifically it’s best to set Pyramid to follow Ableton’s tempo.

If Ableton is set to be the boss of things like tempo and transport control, all else usually follows quite easily… This is the first thing I see everyone try to do, and it’s the first thing I did as well… Once I got it through my system… I found… that for a hybrid setup scenario it’s more trouble than it’s worth to have ableton follow the pyramid’s tempo… Once you set Ableton to “master” [I dislike this terminology] you can have Pyramid perfectly follow Ableton’s transport for recording, etc…

I will reply here with my ableton specific settings if I can find the post.

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I see. Appreciate the wisdom. I was thinking that the clock would be more stable overall but perhaps this is the only choice.

Nope, DAWs and Ableton especially are known to be finicky because… Umm… complex electrical engineering things I don’t understand which make it so the jitter of the clock is harder to sync to something else than it is to tell something else relatively more simple to just follow it… It’s above my ability to comprehend why or how… it’s sufficient to say that computers [PCs] are complex beasts and you need simple beasts to follow them instead of the other way around…

Ha, fair enough.

Note that no matter which way the sync is set up, Pyramid does not support Song Position Pointer to either direction, so you can only really automate sync-record from the start of the song. From other locations, it’ll sync to the beat but from a wrong position unless you can manually set the start position.


Thank you, that’s what I was struggling with. I found that a double tap of the SQUARE stop button on the Pyramid resets the sequencer and then wherever I place the starting point in the Ableton arrangement it will then begin from there, thank goodness.

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