Ableton and pyramid and qunexus red

Just wanted to post a screen shot of how I rigged up ableton with pyramid and qunexus red controller for anyone who is interested.

I am having a lot of fun with it. It is kind of nice to simplify the hardware and cables by using Ableton’s synths while keeping my familiar Pyramid muscle memory and midi routing etc.

I have been using Keith Mcmillen Qunexus red as a controller to add touch sensitivity to the pyramid workflow. It fits really great right in front of pyramid as a simple controller and helps me speed up sequencing chords and different velocity notes into pyramid as well as more fun for live mode drums.

I synced to ableton clock and I run sync to some of my hardware with midi din out of pyramid. Works really well so far.

One thing that is a little tricky is metronome and transport controls. I routed a specific metronome track to ableton from pyramid for a while as seen in the screen shot. I am going to try a click track in ableton on a 4 bar or single bar loop next. I would like to have one metronome source for all purposes but for now I seem to have to use both Pyramid’s and Ableton’s for different purposes. If anyone has metronome solutions for pyramid/ ableton I am curious.

Hitting record in ableton immediately starts pyramid which can be great for some things but sometimes I want a count in. Or sometimes I want to hear what Ableton recorded and I hit play in ableton and then I have to hit stop on pyramid because I am getting double. - so its a little messy in these ways.

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