Ableton and Hermod

Please someone guide me step by step how to record a 5 min track?
How does it record longer from the 64? How do you make the 8 channels of ableton to record 8 channels on Hermod?
How do you record on the one?

ok, if your trying to just record a set of long tracks from Ableton into Hermod, unchanged… then think your on a ‘hiding to nothing’… its not going to happen ‘automatically’, your going to have to massage the think into hermod, and also probably adapt things to a more hermod approach.

hermod is not designed to be a midi file playback device,
(and its a little limited as being a midi recorder)

if you really want to do unchanged, your best bet would be to use ableton, and use hermod as a midi to cv converter…or if you want to ditch ableton, get a midi player and connect that to hermod.

but specific answers:

hermod has a max of 64 steps and max zoom (i.e. x1) , but you can micro step this down to x1/8 , then reduce the tempo (but this of course reduces the resolution)
you could also use sequences to chain multiple patterns.

I don’t think hermod can record multiple tracks simultaneously (unlike the pyramid)

but to map tracks from ableton to hermod,
you could setup hermod to use 8 different midi channels, for each of its tracks, then get ableton to send on 8 different midi channels. easy enough over usb.

have hermod clocked to ableton (usb device) , then arm the track on hermod , then hit play on ableton?

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Thanks allot for this kind answer!!
I’m trying it now, I’m stuck on how to make Hermod clock Ableton, What do I need to do in each of them for this?
Thanks so much.

Hey saw this and want to help those in the future. thetechnobear nailed it and gelosia missed an important part in the explanation about syncing hermod to ableton: usb device.

You will need one of those “printer usb” cables and use it to sync hermod to ableton, meaning when you start ableton, it starts hermod. If you want to do the other way around, it would be the “usb host” port to usb on your computer. Then you would need to set ableton to sync from an external source.

Do you have any jitter when syncing? When I sync via the usb device and look at the bpm screen on the hermod, it jumps +/- 2bpm constantly…

a certain amount of jitter is inevitable when using a personal computer (and also from the midi clock standard)

id say -/+ 1 is more normal as an average. (or should i say, what i see)
the jitter comes from your computer side - look for things causing cpu/io spikes.
unfortunately midi clocks get hit really quickly, way before audio issues - because usb serial (used for midi clock) is a low priority task.

all that said… hermod of course doesn’t show fractional bpm , so perhaps its rounding up/down, something like 1.5 which would not be so far off ‘normal’.

honestly, i tend to watch the tempo on my Octatrack which shows 0.1 and is on the screen all the time … rather than on the hermod, which involves bring it up explicity.

of course, the more important question on all of this is…
is it causing you sync issues? it doest really matter at all what the display says, if its still feels in sync :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to record midi from ableton into hermod. My test case is 8 consecutive notes. When I play them from ableton, I get 8 distinct gates out of hermod. If I record this in hermod and then play it back, I do not get 8 distinct gates out of hermod (only the 1st and maybe another) unless I enable gate retrigger. So the recorded notes seem to be overlapping slightly. (The recorded notes with gate retrigger on do sound in time to my novice ears.)

I thought that syncing the clocks between ableton and hermod would help. It does not. This is when I noticed the jitter in the clock display when they were synced and wondered if it was common, or if there was perhaps an issue with my hermod in particular. Maybe I’m expecting too much precision when recording?

(I assume the notes don’t overlap in ableton)

that sounds like it could be something to do with quantization?
have you tried turning quantization off on EFFECT -> MIDI on the relevant track(s)

hermod recording resolution (according to specs) is 24ppqn, so pretty high.

@TS000 Hey I have been struggling with trying to control VST/Ableton instruments with a sequence written on my Hermod. I am controlling my Hermod with a midi keyboard, routed into the USB Host port. I have a midi line running out of the Hermod Midi Out port and into ableton.

I can space Ableton to my Hermod no problem, and control Ableton notes with my midi keyboard routed thru the Hermod. But how the heck can I set this up to where my midi sequence sends notes into Ableton?