A way to adjust data nob?


Am wondering if there’s a way to adjust the data nob? When I’m adjusting, for instance say tempo, sometimes the tempo doesn’t change when I start turning the nob. It’s take MANY MANY turns to go from say 150bpm to 100bpm. I don’t think it’s supposed to be this slow. Is there a way I can fix this?



Sounds like a dodgy encoder. Contact Squarp support via their website.

yeah. I wanted to check this …

it feels to me like 100->150bpm is about two turns, each ‘click’ of the encoder is 1 bpm, and feels like is a 24 pulse encoder (so 24 bpm per turn)

if this is not the same for you @Gooddog , then I think its likely a faulty encoder, so yeah, as Kid said contact squarp.

if it is the same…

double check you have the clock set to internal? obviously if you are using an external clock (cv or midi) thats going to make it not change - catches me out occasionally :wink:

personally 2 turns feels ok to me , since we also want some precision for selecting particular bpm.

squarp could I guess implement ‘acceleration’ (though Ive mixed feelings on this, it can make controls jittery) - so thats a feature request you could make to Squarp via the contact form.

though, again if its a hardware issue then thats the thing that needs fixing :frowning:

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Thanks to everyone’s reply. I’ll contact Squarp about the issue

Best regards.

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