A simple feature request that would go along way

I have two ramples and use them on the same channel by assigning all 8 voices to an octave.

everything is great until I use a “single sample” cc (ie.12,33,48) because now the cc controls the parameter for its respective sample on both ramples. not the end of the world, but…

could I possibly change the midi cc so my 8 voices use cc 1x - cc 8x with the “all samples” cc being on 11x (ie 118 for all level adjust). you now have an 8 voice rample aka Superample.


That’s an interesting suggestion.
Be sure to use squarp.net/contact for feature requests

And on a personal note, thank you for sharing how you use 2 Ramples. I have one, but have planned for 2 once things feel more stable.

I pitch all my samples tho, so one Channel per Rample is my personal preference.

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I opened a feature request in your name.

I agree, that’s a necessary feature, so we’ll get to it asap.


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