A new forum for the Squarp community!

We decided to shut down the old Squarp forum squarp.boards.net we created 2 years ago, besides the fact that it was a success (more than 5000 posts) and that a lot of awesome users was heavily involved to help the community and suggest features.

Now it’s time to move forward and start off on a new basis. We created this modern forum, to answer some of our concerns:

  • the old forum was not so fun to use, with too much subcategories
  • it was not very attractive
  • a large number of posts was no longer relevant due to pyraOS updates
  • it was time consuming for us to monitor and admin the threads
  • we had some technical problems with our forum hosting

This new forum offers great features:

  • topics are displayed as conversations, not pages
  • dynamic notifications
  • real-time search
  • summarize topics feature
  • better for mobile displays
  • easy to moderate
  • spam blocking

We also deleted the category “suggest a new feature”, as we decided to close the suggestion support. We have listed all your ideas to improve pyraOS, and we have more than enough features to think and to decide what is possible to implement!

The old forum will be closed on November 2017, of course you are free to copy/paste some threads to create new topics here.

We hope you will like this new forum and that it will make the community stronger for years to come!

The Squarp Instruments Team.


Lets an amazing community!

Nice new forum, I’m game.
One thing: please keep the old forum as an archive so we can still search it.
So many good tips on there.

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Great! :+1:

novelty is nice

but I agree with @maximee we should keep a lot of posts from the old forum
it could be very useful…

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Great idea but same as @maximee, please keep the old forum as an archive, maybe block the reply or something, but there are so many good tips, we need to keep 'em all ! cheers guys :slight_smile:


Great idea. I like this format a lot, it’s just like Elektronaut, easy to navigate and more cheerful :grinning: then the old one.

Please keep the old “references”, a lot of valuable information, 2 years worth.

I’m in :slight_smile:
Hello to everyone…

Nice look! Howdy y’all

Top notch !
+1 for the archive :wink:

Hello Everyone! Just received my Pyramid today!!

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Thanks for updating the forum, the old one was not good to read, and not up to speed with Pyra OS 2.0. Very good move.

I can understand that you ditch the user proposals, as its a lot of work to implement it into the software. But it would be very nice, if you would show the list to us, and make some annotation, if you see a possibility to implement it into a future OS update, or if the request is rejected.

I dont expect that SW updates come for free, and would understand if you would like to charge for a 2.5 SW update, which would include additonal suggestions from the user base. (There were some very good ones.)

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Ideally a tipp /section /workflow section would be nice. So there is a technical side to the pyramid, and an artistic side to it, maybe the workflow thing might be a good idea. But besides that its better to have less categories, than in the old forum.
(Ok general may be used for that aswell, but tipps /worflow may be a valid section, i miss that on the elektron forum aswell.)

New board looks nice. :slight_smile:
But… where is our feature requests?? Is everything gone…!?

I found old board and can see them, so no problem at all.
So then from now, we can suggest on new community site continually. :smile:

I would also be willing to pay if that is the only way to ensure steady development. But then again how would you feel if you just bought your pyramid and would have to pay for updates right away? I think it would be smart to keep updates free as long as they are selling the device. The pyramid, just like its most direct competitor Circlon, draws a lot of its appeal from the fact that it’s a very user feedback driven architecture. And the more happy the user base, the more synth nerd videos with Pyramid on YouTube and so on. Ideally, it’s a snowball effect. I’m pretty certain this is paying off.
I think a lot of people were and still are being drawn to the pyramid especially after the more mature v2.0 update. With v3.0, there should be heaps more.

On a side note, the forum finally is usable on iOS. It’s a joy!

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Of course, we will keep the old forum as an archive! We are happy that you like this new forum.

@hide The official feature suggestion is closed:

@Sternenlicht Future updates will be free, but we can’t, for each proposal, say it’s gonna be implemented or not. It would be too much time consuming. We need time to decide what is possible to implement, how long a development can take and its priority & needs. Pyramid need to stay easy for everybody, and we are limited by the remaining power and memory of the Pyramid hardware. The key for us is to keep Pyramid rock solid, bug-free.

On the category side, our idea was to not separate the creative side (tips and tricks) and the technical side, but we will see how the forum will grow in the next few weeks and take a decision.


I totally agree with this post
I also think about the new buyers of the Pyramid
it is indeed essential to keep the enthusiasm around the development of this sequencer
the community around the Cirkon is still active after what? 7 years?
The Pyramid is more recent (and more fun, to my taste…) so it has a card to play!

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How do I locate the old square forum?
By the way I’m OLD!

Good point!

That would be at http://squarp.boards.net.


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