A few sample banks trigger at first when sequenced and then stop

I notice this most on Richard Devine’s sample banks, but it happens on a few others as well, I am running a beatstep pro triggering the ramble with a drum sequence, during the initial bar the drums will all trigger correctly, and after that they either trigger very sporadically, or stop altogether responding to the trigger until I reset the channel or navigate away to another preset and then back, even then the problem persists. Is this something anyone else is experiencing?

sounds odd… some kind of re-triggering issue? perhaps on BSP?

has the sample ended?
what do you mean by ‘reset the channel’? are we talking midi or cv/gate here?
are you doing anything else, like modulating a parameter?
when it is not triggering, can you manually play the sample still?

can’t say i use RD samples much, does it happen on all other samples, or just some particular ones? if its some particular ones… is there something they have in common?

The sample has ended, by reset the channel I mean either navigating away from the preset to another preset and then back to the previous preset, or by pressing the menu encoder and using the reset option there which would only really eliminate any effects I had stacked there, but I assume it also refreshes the preset, or channel as I used incorrectly last time. I was not modulating anything, when it is triggering, or rather not triggering for the sequencer it also wont respond to individual trigger hits, but only in specific banks. I have tried to discern what the samples have in common, one of his banks works fine. I have the problem with cv control of the ramble, I have yet to use it’s midi capacity.
I have also noted another behavior, some presets aren’t loading at all, when I choose them with the encoder the alphanumeric title just stays on the screen. I will be doing a card wipe with the approved software of course and begin again, all of it only began happening after I did a version update, so maybe it’s a spooky ghost that snuck in while I was updating it.

Im also having this issue. Track 2 or 3 fire the first few times then stops. If i try and change the sample paying on that track its locked up and cant select.If i hit to save it resets and works again for this first few hits.
Haven’t had this problem with trigger gates but just started using with midi on having it happen

have you had the issue arise with MIDI also?

(I’m asking because I use MIDI with my Rample and have not experienced this yet - I want to see if I can duplicate - I’ve stayed out of this so far assuming it to possibly be a CV oriented issue)

Yes ive only experienced this issue with midi. CV has been working fine.

Thank you for clarifying.
I think I need to try to break the Rample now - i thought I had put it through its paces already!

@destroythings is this with particular kits?

as has been mentioned on other posts,
firmware 1.0 was known to have corrupted the sd card ( fixed 1.1). this would lead to issue with some kits, and not others… sometimes loading, sometimes playback.

updating the firmware stops future corruption, but the ‘damage is done’
therefore, if you have not already done so (since 1.0 firmware),
the first step is to format your sdcard, and reload the factory samples.

note:don’t copy the kits/samples after you have noticed corruption you’ll persist the fault.
if you don’t have a backup, contact squarp on link below.

anyone else, experiencing this problem … please try this.
if you still experience a problem after you have formatted and rebuilt the sdcard.
then probably best to contact squarp with details.

Yes ive been having the issue with Kits in bank C.

I just contacted Squarp because dont want to reformat card until can find the content to load back on as your advised that problem will persist if i just copy all the current data from card, reformat and the load back on.

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yeah, I believe squarp can provide a link to content on request.

(I’d assume it cannot be public due to it containing content from artists licensed specifically for use with Rample)

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That’s good, I tried to copy over all of the banks and not the .bin over to a file on my computer and when i loaded it back on after formatting, half of the banks don’t respond to the encoder, although the previous problem is no longer happening… how should I go about getting a link to that content again? Also, thanks a bunch, I am learning a lot… currently digesting the squarp.

contact squarp directly via their website (explain on ‘issue’ what happened etc)

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