A few questions from a newbie

Hi guys! My name is Carl and I’ve been a Pyramid owner since batch 2 - but never really got the time and energy to sit down and learn it. Right now I decided to learn by doing and try to make a song and try to find solutions for all my questions.

I got two questions that I haven’t seen any answers to.

  1. FLATTENING/BURNING/FREEZING MIDI FX. Is this possible? Let’s say I created an interesting MIDI pattern by using a bunch of modules. How do I print this to a new MIDI track. In other words - I would like to have a new track with the result of the MIDI FX but without the MIDI FX. Obviously I could reconnect MIDI cables but that’s something I really don’t want to do.

  2. STRETCHING OR COMPACTING A TRACK/PATTERN. This is a function that I often use in Ableton. It stretches the selected clip into double/half length with all the notes stretched as well. Let’s say I did a 2 bar pad synth drone playing C for the first bar and D for the second bar. Is there any quick way to transform this into a 4 bar pattern where the C is playing for 2 bars and D for the last two bars?

I must say that at first the Pyramid can seem to be daunting - it’s not so difficult. Some things aren’t obvious and some things can be done in several ways.


unfortunately neither of these 2 operations are possible (currently) with the Pyramid.
But I hope it will be possible soon :slight_smile:

Wow… never expected such a quick reply! Thank you for helping out :slight_smile:


You can use a little hack to record your track with all FX to an empty track by creating a midi loop with a cable.

Looking forward to when it is actually implemented in the OS. It sucks to plug in the cable just for that.