A couple questions about hapax

uh, well i guess i’m a liar and i’m considering replacing my pyramid. While I quite enjoying it the more I learn about hapax the more I feel like i could simplify my rig/workflow if i switched.

I had a couple questions about hapax:

  • Is the midi through hardware or software?
  • has anyone measured jitter from the internal hapax clock? like with a midigal or some other way? results?
  • Anyone using hapax with a external midi clock? thoughts? depending on the answers to the above question, maybe its not necessary? On the pyramid it doesn’t through the clock and instead it syncs to the clock and then sends its own clock, so I’m especially wondering if this behavior is the same in hapax or if it passes the clock through?
  • For the song switching where you can load two songs at a time - has anyone noticed any kind of clock hiccups when they load the second song?
  • On the pyramid, i noticed that when i press play or stop I’ll see kind of a weird tempo jump. Just wondering if hapax has the same thing, if you had a midigal you could see this (or maybe its just me lol).
  • for the song switching/loading thing, has anyone had problems with their program change messages? I had a lot of issues with this on earlier pyramid revisions and rely on these messages a lot, so just wondering what experiences are there.

and finally (for now), this is the easiest one lol:

  • does hapax have a concept similar to the ‘sequences’ page on pyramid? where I can control mute states on multiple tracks with a single button?

thanks, also don’t tell anyone on the pyramid forum i’m here :sweat_smile: