6 Steps 1 Bar in Step mode

1 week old owner of the Pyriamid here. Long time octatrack owner.
So far Im very happy with the pyramid! being able to play and record chords and melody in one take is awesome!

My question is pretty basic i guess… Are you able to change the step length in note mode without changing the time signature?
I see you can do this in euclid mode but still getting my head around that one…

im just after 6 steps in a bar. Or can you only do 3/4 and 12 steps?


unfortunately, the answers is not a simple yes/no…

basically, pyramid has a strong focus on polymeter n’ polyrhythms… its exceptional in this area, but it adds a bit of complexity to what some might feel is a simple request. (*)
(this was changed in the hapax, to take more ‘conventional’ approach)

anyway how you do it on the pyramid is a bit complex, and s has been discussed a lot on this forum (so I don’t want to repeat it) - but, if you search for ‘polymeter’ , you’ll find many posts on this topic - that explain the ‘issue’ and also how to get what you want on the pyramid.

( * ) its unlikely to change now, as its a key feature of the pyramid, and the pyramid is a mature product.


Ok, thanks for the concise response!
I’ll do poly meter search.

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