5V Gate signal to 8V or 10V


Would like to use Hapax Gate outputs to trig Gate Inputs of my Solar VCO voices which accept at least 8V.
I don’t want to buy eurorack modules.

What solutions are available to me ?

Thanks :wink:

I think about a passive mixer like this would do the trick if I sum 2 Hapax Gate output signals to the mixer output which will trig the Solar Gate In.

Answer to myself : no, it won’t work with a passive mixer or a passive multi :sweat_smile:

  1. One workaround would be to use an “AND” logic gate.
    You could hijack a VCAs, which do implement AND logic (logic output is high if both inputs are high). If you can feed a constant voltage, say +10V in a VCA, and the GATE out of Hapax into the volume control.

  2. I don’t recommend using passive mixers, but it could work, depending on how your VCO fires. If it’s just a matter of crossing the 8V threshold, then mixing the GATE out with a constant +10V might get you there (you’d need to have more resistance on the GATE path, however, to correctly lift the output above 8V.

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Thank you @Thibault_Squarp :pray: