5 pin midi+ Hermod+

The Hermod+ looks as if it might be the Eurorack sequencer I’ve been waiting on for live performances, however I have a number of synths/drum machines with 5 pin MIDI.
How can I sync and clock them with Hermod+?

Hi @juradub

If we’re talking about Sync24 or DIN Sync, there are adapters that can adapt eurorack clock/run to a DIN cable.
ALM Busy Circuits makes one: ALM-UT001 Din-Sync Adapter Cable

Then you can set the RESET output of Hermod+ in “RUN” mode, and it should work :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that the Retrokits RK-DINSYNC cable - RK-DINSYNC - Retrokits - works with the gate and cv sockets on the Hapax (both in and out - it’s fun to use my little TR-606 to clock the Hapax and also amazing how solid the TR-606 clock seems to be!) so presumably Hermod+ uses the same functionality.

If you’re in the UK, you can buy them here Retrokits RK-DINSYNC Clock to DIN Sync Convertor Adaptor - Signal Sounds

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I have PNW in my case with the CLK and Run going to channel B+sync output on Pyramid.

All my midi synths and drum machines (Pulsar 23 and Mbase11 for example) go to Pyramid via Erica Synths midi thru hub.

I just really want to be sure all these devices will run properly in sync with Hermod+ before I consider purchasing it.

I can confirm the two dedicated CLOCK/RESET output of Hermod+ pair seamlessly with PNW’s Clk/Run inputs.

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me too : )
24ppqn/Run combo works like a charm with both Pamelas New AND Pro Workout…

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Fantastic! Thank you.