4 Voices Poly + Vel Layout Not Working (resolved)

When I create a new project, choose track one and set layout to “4 VOICES” and then choose “POLY + VEL”, the layout shown on the picture is created. But this is a two voice poly + vel layout…
…what I am doing wrong? or is this a known bug? I have the firmware 1.1. If I remember correctly, this used to work in the previous version.

…I resolved the issue myself: what I want can be found under “8 VOICES” and “POLY + VEL”. Personally, I think this is highly confusing, but that’s just me Since working with velocity and possibly also other modulation channel eats a lot of the precious out channels, I would suggest that a future version of Hermod does not just have one CV out and one Gate out per “voice”, but several CVs (at least three would be nice: pitch + velocity + modulation).