303-style slides / ties on Hapax - Possible?


Got my Hapax a few days ago. Getting to grips with it. Can’t find any obvious way of creating slides on my Roland T-8 (303 clone)

Anyone found a reliable way to program this?


can’t speak for the T-8 but with TD-3, Re-303, TT-303, and x0xbox (yes, i have too many clones), overlapping notes creates slides for me, i.e., extend the step length of the first note to the same step as the second note you want it to slide into.

also, depending how long the first note’s length is, you can add shorter notes within that length to get some “wobble” pitch effects:

 1 2 3 4



Thats sensational. Thanks

Whats your favourite clone btw?

i’ve found the Re-303 gets closest across both the saw/square waves to the original 303 to my ears, though the TT-303 (v 2.0) is a close second, especially the square wave on that one


I have a Roland TB-03 and it’s super annoying to me that slides are activated by a MIDI CC… it sounds great, but I’m thinking about replacing it with a TT-303 just because getting slides by simply overlapping notes seems like a much more intuitive (and Hapax-friendly) way to sequence acid lines.

I wonder if the Hapax can get the plugin versions of the 303 - Roland Cloud, TAL etc - to slide etc. Will experiment once I find out how to sort the Hapax-to-Ableton connection!

Hi Chris I have a x0xbox, wonderful clone. I have always used the onboard sequencer as I was not aware slides were possible by overlapping Does this apply to the x0xobox ? What about Accent? Is it possible to program that in the Hapax? If I can come away from the onboard sequencer I have the advantage of longer sequences without chains Also I am running short of slot

Using cc to activate a slide is actually pretty quick to do on Hapax. Much easier than making notes overlap, as you then have to constantly zoom in and zoom out.

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much easier than making notes overlap? i mean everyone chooses the workflow that suits them best, but especially since 2.0, i’m not sure how you could make the case that switching to automation mode and then making sure your slides happen at the correct times is easier than simply extending a note to overlap the next one. midi cc / automation method gets even more annoying when you start wanting to move the timing of the notes in your pattern around because then you need to go back to automation and ensure that the slides happen at the right time.

i have synths that slide when you overlap the notes and i find it way easier than doing it with the tb-03

I haven’t had my xOxbox hooked up in a few months but my recollection is slides and accents worked the same as my other clones with Hapax. online manual says the note velocity level for a xoXbox accent is 100< unaccented/101> ACCENT:

None of the x0xb0x buttons are functional during MIDI control.

To accent notes, make the MIDI velocity value larger than 100 (0x64 decimal).

(ftr: i’ve never had to zoom in to get notes to overlap on a 16-step Hapax grid. it’s one of the more annoying things about the way Deluge step sequences, actually, that you can’t set the default note length like Hapax. so if you want half-notes in a Deluge pattern, have to zoom in so close that you can’t see all 16 steps on a single grid. Hapax workflow is much friendlier to 303-style programming in my experience)


Thanks, Chris. I am going to give it a try over the weekend and see where it takes me

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H Chris, It works a treat slide as well as accent. It has a completely different feel sequencing externally so it’s nice to have different options Thanks for the heads-up


EDIT: Just double checked, and this does NOT work for a slide that does not activate a new note. The legato stuff works fine, but I still haven’t figured out a way to have overlapping pitches that don’t require a note on?

EDIT 2: Okay, further exploration – with the Avalon at least, when there is overlapping notes, there is NOT a new trigger with a new pitch. I was watching the env trigger light on the avalon, it would only activate when a step was pressed outside of another one’s length. So in theory this should work as expected. It doesn’t sound quite right to my ears, but that may be entirely me. I’ll program the same sequence on the Avalon and see how that goes.

Some pointers in general:

  • set gate length to 1/2
  • be sure to figure out what your synth thinks of as accent. In the Avalon’s case 0-64 are unaccented and I believe 65+ are accented.
  • Avalon specific: you can trigger the modulation envelope with a separate CC

For a slide, just overlap the two notes. HOWEVER, for a change in pitch without having a new note on, I don’t see a way to do this. On the 303 (or a modular analog step sequencer) you can change the pitch of a step independent of a note on event.

I also would like a true mono mode to help with this type of stuff.

Has anyone managed to get Hapax sequenced slides to work on a TB-3? Tried overlapping the notes, tried playing with the slide CC, and I’m just not getting slides. Thanks

Turns out my TB-3 had never had the firmware updated. I updated to the latest and it seems to be sliding now without needing to use the CC? Kinda hard to tell.

Been a minute but I think it should slide via overlaps without cc modulation. cc of slide might be something relating to one of it’s attributes :person_shrugging: