3 voices layout to 3 different midi output channels


I try to play my polyphonic synth across the hermod.
I plug a usb keyboard in the hermod > I set a 3 voices layout > on the first 3 hermod tracks, I set a “midi output” effect, each is routed to a different midi channel ( the polyphonic synth is configured to work like that note 1 = channel 1 ; note 2 = channel 2… ).

When I play the keyboard, it works on the CV outputs ( the first 3 hermod’s tracks leds works ). But it’s not transmitted to the midi output.

If I select the hermod’s track 2, for exemple, it will play the channel 2 of my external synth. select track 3 > play the channel 3. But never the 3 channels in the same time, as it does with the CV outputs.

Thanks all

I also would like to know if we can get this issue resolved. I have a Flame 4 Vox Polyphonic module that I would like the Hermod midi output to be routed too. But each voice grouping on the 4 Vox requires that in order to play each group together as a 4 oscillator per voice setup then you will need to sent on midi channels 1, 2, 3, and 4. So this means that each voice on the hermod needs to output to separate midi channels. This would make the module have 4 voices with 4 oscillators per voice which would be awesome but I just need the hermod to output to each channel.

EDIT: Upon further inspection, it seems that in order for me to achieve the desired result all I really need to do is output the polyphonic track on the hermod to multiple midi channels simultaneously, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Splitting each voice into separate midi channels would be nice but I can achieve the same result using the CV jacks.

Hi there,

For controlling a classic poly synth in midi (I do that with my Juno), no need to configure multiple tracks. One is enough actually, as the hermod tracks are polyphonic in midi. So you’ll have to use only track 1 (or another one) :slight_smile:

Don’t know for the 4vox… but I thought it can be controlled in poly via a simple midi keyboard. So I don’t think it’s necessary to dispatch the notes across different channels. Maybe I’m wrong here…

Hello and thanks for your help?

Thank you @Distances. I’ve also read the topic Hermod: MIDI out not sending midi data which speak about this 1 track polyphonic thing…

About my needs, I can’t use only a polyphonic Hermod voice for playing my poly synth !
First, the polysynth ( Analog rytm MK2 with the new dual VCO machine ) can only works like that ( splitting the notes by midi channels > I can configure it for that all notes respond to the channel 1 but it will be monophonic in this case )
Also, I like to work in the hermod with three tracks for polyphony. I can use the Arpeggios and differents effects layer per tracks ; and I can also plug the cv outs of these tracks and playing with the polysynth ( Analog rytm ) + my modular VCO’s, and play around their differences…

It seems for me that it’s a bug. If we follow the note signal information inside the hermod, it should feed into each configured “midi output” effects.

Hermod team ?

and thanks again

The allocation of voices per track indeed could use some attention.

For polysynth tracks, I think I may have been the last to figure out that when we add MIDI OUT as an effect to the track, the whole experience changes.
With this in place, I can play a polysynth and record it into Hermod and sequence as I would with any sequencer.

This is not the same for analog/CV synths.

I think having the ability to both separate out the notes of polyphony to different tracks (as we currently have) is very useful. A multiple note track can be distributed across various output destinations and it’s a lot of fun to control one track with multiple CV/GATE outputs.

However, I would also think it would be equally as helpful to add the ability to combine these efforts.
For example:

I would love to be able to use the same CV/Gate outputs on another track in the same pattern without having to change patterns.

To assign Output One to Track 1 and 2 and 3 and then make three different patterns right in the same part - either for muting and un muting, or as additions to the part.

Maybe there IS a way to do this, but I haven’t discovered it yet.

I came across this thread while looking for a similar solution, I’d like to play chords on a Nord Drum 2. Sad to read that Hermod can’t do that.

The MidiPal of Mutable Instruments seems to have a function called “Dispatcher” (Note dispatcher / voice stealing / polyphonic driver “This app routes MIDI note messages from a single channel to several channels. This allows you to play chords on a rack of monophonic synths”).

It would be cool to have this as an option in the Midi Output menu or as a new effect, possibly on one unique track as well since it’s just for Midi.

Adding new features is not planned but in that case the code already exists somewhere… so… https://github.com/pichenettes/midipal In the meantime, I’ll build a MIDIpal . It would be easier to use the @squarpadmin “Modular Brain” of course :wink: