3.0 wishlist threads are laughable

Guys. If 3.0 was announced that likely means the features they’ve chosen to implement have already been chosen.

Quit wishing and let’s make some music!


okay? sounds like you probably just shouldn’t read those threads i guess


It is fair to assume that squarp’s developers are unlikely to be reviewing those posts for 3.0 feature requests they might have forgotten about and scrambling to incorporate them in the last few weeks before roll out. They are no doubt focussed on testing the new feature set so it is good to go.

But the wishlists are helpful for showing less experienced users how power users are stretching the current OS to capacity. This gives less experienced users ideas at least on different approaches to composition and programming and what they ought to expect from best in class gear…whether it’s a pyramid or a competitor product. And maybe there are people out there that have found workarounds involving other bits of kit that they can then share with the group? Or maybe they will help someone considering a purchase make a more informed decision?

However way you look at it, the forum is here for an exchange of ideas between people who want to get the best out of their gear and like sharing their views with the community. And the threads are read in that spirit by most people here I believe. That’s my take on it.

Everyone is pumped for the next release and it’s nice to share that excitement around. Whatever comes in OS 3 will be an improvement so let’s keep the vibe alive!


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Let’s have fun and make a PyraOS 3.0 unwishlist.


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