2 days into my Pyramid experience - here's what I think!

In one word. WOW.
In more words: This is the best gear acquisition in a long time. I normally do a lot of research and tryouts before I buy, but i didn’t get a chance to get hands on with a Pyramid. So glad I bought one anyway - this is the machine i’ve been waiting for for 25 years or more!
My workflow now means I don’t even need to go near my DAW until I need to record audio.
A massive hats off to the Squarp guys - you are awesome!

N :smiley: :smiley:


Welcome & high five!

Same here.I mucked about for 2 daze and this morning RTFM.It looks like I’ll need to clean up,break out the tx81z’s build a bigger desk,haul out the old max49,put the mono synths on shelves…aahhhh what have i done!