1v/oct Range of Rample

i have just ordered the Rample and I would like to know what the range for pitch is? 0v-5v = 5 octaves or…?

thanks in advance

Hi @M.canterel ,

The current firmware does not track 1V/oct. Currently, the CV inputs expect from -5V to 5V, and can be assigned to the pitch modulation. The overall pitch has a range of -12 to +12 semitones, so -1/+1 octave.

We do have plans to add 1V/oct in an upcoming release of the firmware.


Thank you for the prompt reply… If I may ask, is it feasible, in future firmware updates to increase the range of the pitch? I want to work with precisely pitched percussion over a range greater than 2 octaves.

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If I may ask, is it feasible, in future firmware updates to increase the range of the pitch?

Seems unlikely.

We have had feature-requests of adding pitch as a layer selection, to emulate a soundfont or a Kontakt library if you will, and make Rample a rudimentary rompler, which I’m guessing would also fit your usecase. This may or may not be implemented in a future release, this is still under discussion.


pitch as layer selection would be a great feature!


1v/oct pitch for layer selection is a really vital feature for people who like to keyboard drum or even play with chopped-up sample segments mapped across keys (e.g. breakbeats, sliced vocals etc.). As it currently stands, you can’t get a per-key mapping for each sample in the layer, so you can easily access it with keyboards or sequencers using runs of notes. Right now, you need to set up a user scale in your sequencer (which not all euro sequencers are very comfortable with) or do some mental gymnastics while using a keyboard. An ability to enable optional volt per octave pitch mapping on the velocity layer selection would make this so nice nice to use.

In the time since the Rample came out, the Disting EX has been released, which has a different take on this- instead of just pitch mapped layers, it does:

Automatic ‘-natural’ valuesFor the SD Multisample algorithm, if sample files are not assigned a natural pitch (for example, a folder of drum samples), they are assigned values from 48 upwards, so playing a keyboard chromatically from C3 will play a new sample on each semitone.

I’m not sure if this is more or less annoying to do than 1v/oct scaling as an option for the velocity CV control, but hopefully it’s food for thought.

The Rample has a lovely friendly layout and sounds great- really hoping it will gain this basic sampler feature soon, whichever way you choose to do it :heart_eyes:


Shame. Strikes Rample off GAS list

Some months down the line and no sign of even basic options to make the CV layer selection track 1V/oct, which feels like a big oversight. That’s a classic sampler feature, being able to play kits chromatically.

I’ve had to regretfully pull the Rample out of my rack to replace it with a sample player that does have this basic ability. It’s a shame, Rample sounds great and has some nice FX. It has fantastic build quality and a decent chunky UI. However, right now with the only option for CV layer selection being the auto-spread approach, it’s just too cumbersome for me.

So Rample out, other sample player in for now. Still on the fence about whether to keep or sell Rample- in case one day the situation is improved.

there are lots of feature requests for all of the squarp products (pyramid, hermod, rample), so these would have to be prioritised, I guess partly based on demand, and also feasibility, development effort etc

Rample OS 1.1 did offer quite a few new features and bug fixes.
including : setting PITCH = CHROMATIC is now calibrated
which I think was the v/oct tracking that @Thibault_Squarp mentioned.

as for layer selection, it was not promised…

if you have not already, I’d recommend sending a feature request via the contact form

detailing how you think it might work, esp. to ensure it covers the CV requirements you have.

I already did, in mid-April, and was told:

"We will consider this for the first update (I already ask for something like this :wink: ) "

For now, Rample is out of the rack. If I’m lucky, it will happen before I have my next Eurorack clearout/selloff, but honestly, not gonna hold my breath.

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The chromatic mode in the newest firmware (1.2A) doesnt seem to track true 1V/oct but rather the same tone is played by about 4 keys on a keystep pro.

So Rample does not track v/oct?
Is this never gonna happen as the inputs have a to low resolution?

Its to bad otherwise I would buy Rample.

No V/oct is a no go for making music for me.



It has v/oct tracking. This thread is a few years old. Check it out here: https://squarp.net/rample/manual/#XX9VXQu/P