Yamaha RX21 Samples

is it legal to sample an old out of production drum machine and share those samples?

In a recent bout of nostalgia I found a local on Reverb who was selling an RX21 (my first drum machine when it was brand new/current!) and I sampled it for use on my Rample.

(Going to sample Dexed/original DX7 sounds and play them on an Octatrack and will be emulating my first rig! LOL)

Anyhoo - if it’s legal:

If it’s not legal, you didn’t see this post - in fact, you are dreaming.
Wake up and forget you ever saw this.

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Note: I have a couple of romplers I’ve been sampling. If anyone is interested (a recording of a recording of a recording…?) I could post some of the samples off an Emu Orbit I made for my Rample.

I dunno - I figure everyone has their own samples and/or buys sample packs.

Thanks for the samples man! I think it’s legal… there’s about 1 million ‘name brand’ sample packs floating around out there and for sale.

Would love to have the Rompler samples or any others you make. Been really enjoying feeding the Rample.

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Thanks, glad you can use them.
Seems everyone and their mothers left nipple want Roland Roland Roland. Im a dork and loved my Yamaha. Heh

I just have to find a better way to share files. Suggestions?

thanks for ripping and sharing the sounds, i don’t have a Rample (…yet…) but i do enjoy putting old drum machine sounds in my Rytm :slight_smile:

short term hosting i usually suggest WeTransfer, very safe and great for quick uploads of large files to one or a few people. files get taken down after a week iirc tho.

long term hosting for something as small as this pack would probably be easiest to just upload and set as a ‘shareable’ link with whatever cloud-hosting service you prefer: Dropbox, Mega, OneDrive, etc.

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