Wrong midi channel via midi A output?

Has anyone else had an issue where the pyramid is sending midi to a port, like the midi A din output, over the wrong midi channel? If I have a track set to channel 2 output, it will send over channel 1, and so on and so forth for any midi sent on that port. I tried sending midi over usb device on channel 16 to my a VST in my DAW (which I set specifically to only receive over channel 16 from the Hapax) and it worked fine. I wasn’t sure if there is a weird setting that could result in this issue, like maybe midi learn, or if it’s actually a bug. I tried asking around in some discord servers and people hadn’t heard of this issue.

Where are you seeing it as “1” when you are sending it to 2? I’m asking because in the MIDI protocol channels are zero-indexed, meaning they start at 0 and run to 15, but everywhere in manufacturers implementation there is agreement to just start at 1 and go to 16, so that musicians don’t have to think like programmers.
So if you are seeing this it could be because the instrument or whatever device is showing it is not adding this “+1” in their implementation when showing the channel number.
To be clear, the underlying channel representation is always 0-15 (0x0-0xF), but manufacturers choose to represent it to users as 1-16 in most cases.
Apologies if this is missing the point, or stating something that is obvious for you, but that was my immediate thought.

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