Wow, Topic Removed


There are no guidelines as to what this section should discuss. So that people don’t post a topic and other reply to it then have the thread removed with no detail as to why, how about a category description and a run-down on what sort of topics are to be discuss here?


Everyone knows Squarp are flat earthers… it was pretty rude to ridicule their beliefs on their forum and it’s totally fair of them to not allow crazy “sphere-heads” to post their absurd beliefs here when they have so many other places on the internet to do so. Check the flight paths ppl


Oh, I was not aware. My apologies for my faux pas. It would be best if this thread was remove too. I realise that this forum is kindly provided too us and the owners are entitled to remove what they want, which is why I asked for guidelines in such a category, but didn’t realise that the remove thread was aimed to ridicule the owners.