Working on a particular bar in step mode

Hi guys if I am writing a 8 bar loop and am in step mode working on the piano roll is there a way of getting the sequencer from looping around the bar you are working on rather than going round the whole 8 bars? Cheers

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Not currently. But you could submit it as a request. :slight_smile: check out this thread.

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I did think that was the answer, I tried shortening the length however this then alters rest of the pattern when you extend back to the original length… thanks I will raise a feature request!!

it does?
if you rotate back after you have done the change of length (and do rotate at same zoom level) , should be the same - no?

ie. rotate, change length … edit … change length, rotate

probably to avoid confusion its easier if you use a scratch track?
a) copy the track to another spare ‘scratch’ track (so you get fx etc), and solo it
b) on scratch, either:
rotate to relevant bar, change length to 1
or delete notes, change to 1 bar, copy bar from other track

then once done editing
c) delete notes in bar of original track, copy paste bar from scratch track, mute scratch track

its not ideal…bit fiddly, but its not too bad once you are familiar with zoom levels.
(being comfortable with zooming in/out when editing tracks is crucial on the pyramid - i guess is hardly surprising given the small lcd/16 pads etc)


thanks for you detailed reply I will try this evening and let you know how I get on… thanks really appreciate it… this sequencer is so good i am truly happy and cant wait to see what else these guys bring out!!

sorry I was wrong the problem I was trying to remember was not that changing the length back to the original length was altering the pattern… (sorry i was remembering incorrectly)

If you have a loop longer than 1 bar I cannot shorten the length to work on the second bar… it only allows working on the first bar…

ahhhhhh I seeeeee
rotate allows this function!!! very clever!!
you shorten your bar to the desired working length then rotate to provide focus on the bar you are working on!!!