Workaround for lack of "song mode"?

There are lots of things I like about the Pyramid, but I grew up with Alesis MMT-8 and ASQ-10. I don’t see a song mode. How can I store and access multiple songs? I can see how you chain sequences together using the mute states to play them in order, but how would you have more than one combination of sequences? In the “old days” we had song mode where we chained together sequences. Sorry, it’s a bit confusing for me.

Actually, you CAN chain sequences (to build one song)
what you CAN’T do is to chain songs (projects)

but, depending on your needs and your music style, maybe you will be able to have several “songs” into one project
because you can have up to 32 different sequences per project…

(by cons, a project is limited in terms of midi events…7000 events per project)
so it is very variable from one user to another

OK. Thanks. So I guess you could chain your songs together as one long “project”. For instance, starting the second song at sequence #20, third song at sequence #40, etc. Still, it’s pretty inconvenient. I’d much rather have song mode, and to be able to save chains of sequences as separate songs. Don’t get me wrong, the Pyramid has many great features, but this omission is a bit frustrating for me.

I don’t understand what you want exactly
because, I repeat, you CAN chain sequences and save them as separate songs (on the SD card)
but you can’t automatically chain different songs

what you call “song mode” is usually (on other sequencers) a way to automatically chain sequences to build a song, precisely, so you can of course do that on the Pyramid

but if you plan a live performance and you don’t want a pause between songs, you can’t do that currently

Yes, it would be great save different chains of sequences as separate songs, so that I could have several songs loaded into memory, so I wouldn’t have to stop and load a new song to play the next one. It seems they’re not taking any more feature requests, but that one would be high on my list if they had one. Thanks for your quick responses!

I think rastro2 is saying that an actual song mode would be easier to use than the method used to chain sequences. A simple list of sequences. A sequence of sequences if you like.

Yes, thanks. That’s the system that I’m used to.

I like more if I can be able to record in real-time a switch between sequence to create a song without chiain it manually, will be more quickly I think…

You’re talking about “Project” load/save and being able to switch quickly. Currently not possible and probably not likely to be.

Ignore the “not taking feature requests” nonsense. A company that doesn’t listen to it’s customers is a dead company. Believe me, they will be listening.

OK. I was looking for a “feature request” forum. So, yes, a playlist of sequences would be super useful. It’s closer to how MPCs and the like work. I’m sure others would find it useful.

Maybe using multiple “patterns” could be closer to what I’m used to? You see, I’m used to Track 1, MIDI channel 10, drums; Track 2, MIDI channel 2 bass; Track 3, Pads. etc. Instead of creating all these tracks and muting the “verse” tracks for the “chorus” and vice versa.
So for instance, track 1 could always be drums and the pattern variations could be verse, chorus, middle 8, etc. Anyone try this?

yes, it is precisely the “multiple patterns” workflow : )
just like the MPC

(in any case for those who want a pre-established chain of sequences to build a song, because still others prefer to perform live with patterns, along their song)

I just ordered a mk1 Pyramid. My intention is to use it exclusively in my studio as the brains of a DAWless setup - to be able to alternate from the DAW-studio writing 80s pop songs. So, my question is:

-The addition of pattern mode is good, BUT, can i choose different patterns from the same track to be sequenced? I track 1-p1 then track 1-p2 etc etc?

  • Or is that something that I do in the Track Mode and THEN sequence the different Tracks in order to do Verse/Chorus/Bridge/Stick etc etc…?

Thanks in advance!

The patterns are not sequence-able within a track, you have to use Sequence mode for that, like you said in the latter part of your question.

Appreciate the response

Maybe, you’ve said it before, sorry If I’m redundant: You can do that: you create/write music in a pattern 1 in track 1…then you select pattern 2 in the same track and create/write your music…then, in Sequence mode, you create a sequence 1 with Track 1- P1…create a Sequence 2, with track 1-P2 (with Step button + keys, you can select the active pattern for that track/sequence)…simultaneously in Seq 1 you can have track 2-P8…Seq 2 Track 2-P3…or whatever…this way you can create a song in the way you want.

If this works its a good “song mode” 4 me. Will explore it immediately.