Will Hapax have Midi Cc control like pyramid?

I used a midi controller to control the active input on the Pyramid. Also changed sequences and stopped and started. Will this sort of control be implemented in Hapax?

If we could have midi Ccs for active input in live mode, transport controls, and some basic midi control of the hapax it would be super. Has anyone heard if this is a possibility?


I doubt it…
pyraMidi has never made it to the Hermod, so I suspect it was not planned for Hapax, at least initially - but of course, I don’t know, just speculation.

best bet is to send a feature request to Squarp via the contact form , if they get repeated requests, perhaps they will add it.

(that said, I hope they’d use a new design … as pyramidi was pretty limited, and wasn’t really an efficient use of the available midi cc/notes)

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i’d really like this also, and i will submit this also as a request to them.

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I think they said it was ‘on the list’ but no one ever said how long the list was.

Long, you’d imagine.

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