Where to get specific instrument definitions for Hapax?

Sooo I’m trying to write the ones I need, but I find it challenging because I have zero experience in writing anything like this.

Is there a way/place to apply for specific definitions and get someone who knows what he’s doing to supply them? And do the ones for the Pyramid work on the Hapax aswell?

I found several already on the forum, but I would like one for all my current instruments:

  • moog subsequent 37
  • korg ms-20 fs
  • vermona drm1 mk4
  • roland jx-08
  • jomox mbase 11 (not sure if its useful here)
  • sequential Trigon 6
  • novation summit (found it already)
  • korg minilogue xd m (found it already)

Anyone that can help me with any of these?

It’s quite easy to create your own, actually. Just take a look at the Hapax docs, the ones others created and the Midi docs for your synth.
Best start with the MS 20 as there’s not much you can control via Midi anyway. It would be a very minimal def file with just the port and midi channel. Next the Vermona - no CC but you can learn how to create a drum mode def file.
All you need is a text editor.
AFAIK sub37 is basically the same as subsequent 37 with just a few different circuits.
You need to reformat the Pyramid definitions quite a bit too work on Hapax, but at least for the CC part it saves you some copy’n’pasting (or typing).

There’s no way to “apply” for a definition file. Use the ones provided by others as you see fit, then feel free to create your own and maybe share them here.

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Agreed, they are pretty easy to create. Take an existing one that works and modify to meet your needs.

Thanks for the replies, will definitely work on it. If, at a certain point, I feel confident the ones I made are working well I’ll share them here!

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