What samplers are you using?


Got an Akai s950. So far love using it with the Pyramid for drums.


Octatrack for me… alltough I’m not sequencing the Octa with the squarp since the Octa is my main master. From the octa it goes to the pyramid and from there it goes to the others ^.^
Pyramid sequencing Elektron rytm - 12 channels, Elektron Analog Four - 4 channels and the virus all 16 channels and all squarp midi channels are full °.°


MPC1000 was my sampler & sequencer for ages but it recently began randomly crashing while editing sequences. That’s why I purchased the Pyramid, to replace the MPC1000 sequencer. However, I kept the MPC in my setup as a dedicated sampler and it works well that way. No issues with it crashing as long as it’s just being triggered for samples.


sort of same idea for me shepard… but more of a workflow thing why i bought the pyramid.
I also like to use the octatrack as a dedicated sampler.
Switching between the sample and midi function inside the octatrack is ok but having it always within reach on the pyramid is more fun if u ask me :slight_smile:


Something nice and affordable compared to other stuff here, if you don’t mind it hogging 10 midi tracks, the Volca Sample is super powerful for drum sequencing (and some other stuff), and has a very cool, retro-sampler sound due to lower sample rate (31250 hz, 16-bit) and a warm onboard analog EQ. I use it for most of my drums, and I really like how straightforward it is- it’s also got pretty good midi implementation, cc’s for every parameter of each sound, which is the tradeoff for requiring 10 channels. Only things you can’t cc are the reverb, master volume, and analog EQ.

One other drawback to mention is that the samples do not respond to velocity by default - however, it’s really easy to map velocity to the proper CC using midi FX and then you’re good to go.

Overall it has some limitations, but in my opinion limitations can actually help inspire creativity in many cases. Also, that price is really hard to beat.


Pulled my old e5000 ultra out the other day. It still boots, yay! I found a replacement encoder (I dropped my unit onto it’s encoder, sad day) and have found where to get 128MB 72pin EDO simms (2x64MB), but I’m have trouble finding card readers for it. I’ve found scsi ssd drop-in kit but not the card readers. Where’d you get your’s from?


Hi, I bought it from a guy on ebay: https://www.ebay.ch/itm/E-MU-EMU-E6400-SCSI-CF-RW-Card-reader-writer-E64K-Hot-Swap-internal-2-card-Ultra/132575421968?hash=item1ede1c6610:g:MTQAAOSw--1Wsk5J

Not really cheap but its prepared to fit in the sampler (Cable lengths).

What I also did: I replaced the old fan. Now the sampler ist almost completely silent.



heres one for the e5000:


I love the EIII and Emax II, they have such wonderful filters. But there’s no way I would ever travel with them.
For touring and mobile work I rely on the Octatrack and the BitBox.


There is this solution that I used for my E-MU ESI 4000: SDCard HxC Floppy Emulator. A little more expensive than floppy / USB emulators but better and more reliable. The firmware of the emulator is regularly updated by the author (http://hxc2001.free.fr) and is very configurable. I bought it ready for use at the official dealer (https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=27). SD card support It’s better than CF card => cheaper and marketed everywhere!


I got one from here:

V5 of this http://www.codesrc.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=SCSI2SD#Purchase

(For a yamaha A3000, guess you need to check if it works with your EMU)

Apparently scsi2sd cards are best for compatibility. Pre-sales and aftercare was really good. Which was helpful because it was a nightmare to set up.


I use Yamaha SU10, Elektron Octatrack, Digitakt, Volca Sample, I also have electribe sampler but don’t really use it.


There re leaks around about a new sampler coming.
Voices say its a 16 parts with dedicated stereo outputs.
And that its suited for both drums and notes.
voices say, but we may probably wait at least 6 months before to know something consistent.

So someone else can check up with me :stuck_out_tongue:


@Shepard how do you see the sequence managing comparing the mpc1000 ( when was working good ) and Pyramid?




I totally see what you say!!
I had the E2S too… I hated for the limitation of not having synth and sampler in one…
I also hated its sequencers, boring as fuck… so much I was getting headaches everyday…
… (the pyramid make tired compared to a DAW that can keep my eyes on for one day without no issues ) BUT . :wink:

and most of all I hate its easy to “crash the sound” problems…

but I can just imagine what you can with it… I am jelous of something I don’t like hahahahaha


Ultimately I think the workflow on the Squarp is more straightforward, but if you’re used to the MPC1000 there’s going to be some frustration at first. You’ll probably miss the MPC’s Song Mode where you string a bunch of sequences together. The Sequence mode on the Squarp works differently and is based on mute states of patterns. In the long run the Squarp is more flexible.

Really the only MPC trick that I miss is the ability to have a track solo’d and then one by one unmute the other tracks rather than have everything come back on. It’s minor and there are workarounds, but the MPC has that solo/unsolo option which is brilliant.


I see